Sunday, September 27, 2009

Catch up

This is pretty much everything we have been up to. Brenten has been playing a lot of soccer school and playing with is brother and sister. Cait is getting bigger and loves to stand up by the couch and Dad thinks that she wants Dr.Pepper. My niece, Jessica, moved in with us and it has been so fun to have her here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Conversations with Landon

This is more for me than for any readers. I just don't want to forget these awesome conversations with my favorite 3 year old.

Landon was blowing out a dandelion today. And our neighbor girl told him to make a wish first. I asked him after what he wished for and he said for all the things to blow off the flower and I got my wish.

Landon was having a rough morning. He wanted his usual cereal but I have no cereal or milk or bread or anything else to make something for breakfast. But I did have some fresh peaches so that is what they were having. Brenten was excited. Landon not so much. He told me he hates that breakfast and that he wouldn't eat it. (not really an option at my house) So I told him he had to try a bite. He was showing his stubbornness and was refusing. I told him to do time out until he was ready to listen. He sat in time out, and sat there and sat there. Finally he came out and said he was ready to try. He took the bite and make a face like he was going to throw up. I think it was the worst face he could come up with. At the end of the bite he very grumpily said I guess I like it and will eat it. He sat very pleasantly eating and then he was grumpy again and said I want another one please. and then ate it too. He just had to act like he wasn't happy about it. He is so my kid.

Then at nap time he wasn't quite ready. He wanted to play one more game and because I had already done 2 more games I said no and that it was nap time. Cute Landon looked at me and said fine I will pee on the bed then. (Ironically, it was one of the first times he didn't pee during nap time.)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

American Fork Canyon

We went up AF Canyon Monday night. Christian and his buddy Matt were going climbing and the kids and I decided to crash their fun. We watched them climb for a little bit, had a picnic and then went and played by the water. They had these big rocks Cait and I sat on and they boys had their tractors and shovels to play in the rocks and dirt. Of course, most of the rocks went in the water.

Cait enjoying herself. She is such a mess. She is constantly drooling so nothing is ever dry or clean

Me and baby Cait.

My boys enjoying the freedom to get dirty. They are so happy when they are playing outside.
Christian climbing