Friday, May 27, 2011


Today I am 16 weeks. Yesterday my friend was nice enough to let me and my family come to her work and she did an ultrasound for us. I was mostly excited because I could see their little heart beats and see they were okay since my next doctor's appointment is 2 weeks away still. Rationally I know that sounds ridiculous but when I can't count kicks yet, it makes a difference. And of course, I have heard every horror story of twin pregnancy and twin birth. And really I remember those more than the easy healthy twin births.

At my last doc appointment, I was told that there was one placenta and that they were identical so we had told the kids they were either boy or girl. This of course meant some explaining to our 7 year old of why boy/girl twins can't be identical. I have since learned that I have had to explain this to some teenagers and adults. Usually they just think for a minute and then feel a little silly. Even very smart, educated people have been tripped up by this. Amanda started the ultrasound and said that baby A (one closest to the cervix) is a girl. (she was 80% sure) and then she went to baby B and said well, they are NOT identical. Sure enough baby b is obviously a boy. She then went back and checked baby A again to be sure and got a better view. We are fairly certain we are getting a boy and a girl. You should have heard Brenten squeal and then say "there will still be more boys". Aside from not being able to get rid of any sex of clothes just yet, we are super excited. I figure with my competitiveness it will probably be better if they don't have to try out for the same position on the same team. And now I don't have to worry about not being able to tell them apart. Amanda did some measuring and got us some great pictures. I will scan them in and add them. Hopefully today. I am so glad she was able and willing to do this for us. Yes we could have waited 4 more weeks but now we don't have to. And now I can start vetoing all of Christian's ideas for names. :)

Oh also because they are boy/girl, there are 2 placentas they just got squished or fused together. To be clear the babies are not stuck together just their placenta. (That is for my friend Jenn who asked if they were conjoined. )

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dr. Appt. #2....of many

Yesterday I had my second doctors appointment. I have gained a 1/2 lb in the last 4 weeks so we are up to 5lbs. I have been pretty sick. I am guessing the weight will really start piling on soon. I didn't know they would do another ultra sound so I was pleasantly surprised when they did and it wasn't because they were concerned. I hate the stage where you can't really feel them consistently yet so you don't really know they are good until you go to the dr. appointment. I was really concerned something would be wrong even though have not had any cramping or bleeding or anything that would indicate a problem. I think most people are this way. I know they will be uncomfortable and even annoying when they are both moving around in there non stop but it will be nice to have the reminder that they are good. Anyway, it was just a quick ultrasound. Babies are looking great. I was at 14 weeks 3 days and they were measuring at 14 weeks 4 days and 2 days. So that is great. The doctor also said that he only sees one placenta. So that means we are having identical twins. Will I be the worst mom if I can't tell them apart? Even though there is only one placenta they still have a divider in there and so they both have their own fluid and nutrition which is good. Another high light of the visit, is I have a headache non stop for about a month now and they turn into migraines 1-2 times a week. No fun. I can't go on the medication for it so he said to start my day with a coke (or Dr. Pepper) and some tylenol and continue as needed. Guilt free soda in the morning....priceless. However, today is day one of trying it and I am so jittery. But so far, no migraine.

My next appointment is in 4 weeks and then after that I move to every 2 weeks. I can't believe how much I am going to have to see the doctor.