Monday, July 5, 2010

softball 2010

We have an awesome softball team. This is everyone minus Josh and Katie. I didn't start taking pictures until the last games. I don't know why. But here are the other people in the picture. This is what pretty much consumes Christian and I during the summer. Every Friday night we are at the ballpark. It's so fun and I love it. (this is more for me for when I am old and can't remember)
Jason, Brady, Christian, Mike T., Tim, Melinda, Robin, Me, Alisha T, Chelsea, Sandra Strong, Mike Strong.
This is what our boys do. They sit on the bleachers and eat snacks and play transformers. In the background are Jason's mom and dad and they are nice enough to make sure nothing too bad happens to them.

Mel me and Chelsea. Just some of the girls. We all have so much fun together. I hope we can all play together next year too.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


blanket+bear+binki+grandma= some great snuggle time. We need to take away the binki and I don't know what that is going to our equation but I am scared.

Our neighbors

My kids love our neighbors. Both the boys want to be just like Tyson. Cait will go to any of them at anytime. It is so nice.
Landon having snacks at the neighbors. Maybe thats why they like them so much.
Cait getting spoiled again.

Baseball is over

Thomas, Stephy, LANDON, Isaac, Mason, ???, Cody (I can't remember the other girls name I am sure it will come to me later) Landon had a great first year. His success was all based on that no one got him out and that he didn't cry. Maybe next year we can get throw a game with out having to pee.

Now I didn't know near as many of the kids on Brenten's team. Ben, Chandler, Connor, Mac, ???, Brenten, and then I don't remember the first row. I will have to ask Brenten before he forgets for the scrapbook's sake. Brenten had a great year. He really got the hang of how the game was to be played. And he loved being with all his friends.