Monday, September 24, 2012

Vigor 13.1....My 1st 1/2 Marathon

Breakfast after

Me and my friend Chels before our race.

Chelsea and me after the race with the rest of the girls.  The other girls volunteered at mile 6 and then they came to the end to see us finish.  Aren't they awesome.

Mandy (she organized the race) me and Chels.  Waiting for the bus to take us to the starting line.

Sept 8, 2012......  I ran my first 1/2 marathon and my 3rd race ever.  Kind of funny before this summer I was ANTI race.  I liked being in shape but I figured aside from having good shoes running should be free.  Ok well, I am a believer.  I love races.  First, I train so much harder.  So that is great. And I have started running with friends and surprisingly, I really like it.  I didn't think I would like it but I really do.

My first half was the Vigor 13.1.  We ran down Big Cotton Wood Canyon.  It is so beautiful.  My friend Mandy organized the race.  And I ran with my friend Chelsea.  There were some kinks in the road. Chelsea developed plantar fasitis the Thursday before the race and we had been working to get that feeling better.   We questioned whether she should even run.  She decided it was a little better and that she would try.  So she did.  We were killing it.  We were running 8.5 min miles.  until miled 6 and just after that her knee popped and then it was killing her.  From there on she was limping/hobbling, the rest of the way.  We had talked if she should stop but she wanted to finish.  She told me I should go on without her but I didn't want to leave her.  So we just slowed our pace.  My thought was, I have never ran a 1/2 before so no matter what I will get a PR (personal record).  So that is what we did.  We slowed up.  Ironic since I was expecting her to be my support for this race and I ended up being hers.  When it would get a bit hard or painful I would come up with random stories or facts (maybe not so factual).  My hope was to distract her a bit.  Our only goal was to not be picked up by the sweeper van.  We did it.  We actually averaged 9:44 miles. And finished in 2:07.  Not bad for my running partner having two bad limbs. 

I had a great experience and I felt awesome.  I wish Chels did.  But she did finish.  I guess races aren't supposed to go exactly as planned anyway right?

Picts from Epic

Van 1 and Van 2

Our Safety Gear for Night Running

Our Van 

Pre Race Breakfast

Our Van ready to go

Team ready to go

Sandra and Me

Support!  When another girl is running it was HOT so we spray them with water and give them water to drink and gu to eat.  YUM!

We got our calves spray painted by a nice Ultra runner. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kids On The Move

Kids On The Move is a program through the school district that works with kids up to age 3 that have significant delays.  Since it is through the school district they have to meet certain criteria.  They have come out one time and assessed their development. 17% and higher is considered normal and then 7% and lower meet the criteria for the program.  Maci is at 10 % on her gross motor skills.  (Gross motor skill is the only area we have concern) and Beckett is at 3% so he definitely qualifies. 

So now we are waiting to begin.  We will continue with out patient PT at the clinic with Kelly and the home exercises.  And then we will do the the in home PT that Kids on the Move sends and we are guessing that will mean more exercises on our own as well.  It will be worth it if we can get Beckett to improve. 

They also mentioned that since they will already be there with Beckett they will also work with Maci.  It is so awesome both PT are still willing to work with her.  We are seeing a lot of improvement in her in the last month.  I think she wants to get moving.