Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Landon started Kindergarten

Landon has been waiting for this day. Ever since Brenten started 1st grade last year, we had to start a count down. Needed kindergarten shots (which weren't that bad since he knew he got to go to kindergarten), register for kindergarten, turn 5, summer to start, summer to end, and learn to ride his bike without training wheels. He was more than happy to check each thing off is list and was very excited to go to Kindergarten.

Christian walked Caitlin while Landon rode his bike to his first day of school. I was a little bummed that I couldn't be there but I don't know that he really knew the difference. He played on his play ground (he calls the baby slide) until the teacher called him in. I guess he wouldn't let Christian get a picture of him in line.

It did make me feel good that he wouldn't tell Christian about school when he picked him up but when I saw him after work he told me all about it. It might be that mom's know the right questions to ask. I would like to believe that I am the favorite.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

28 weeks 5 days

I had my monthly ultrasound today. With every pregnancy, as soon as I am in the 3rd trimester, I start having issues with the doctors being available. Today was my lucky day for that to start. I left work drove the 30 min to the office and then sat for 20 min and then a nurse came and told me that the dr got called into an emergency c section. So I would have to wait for an hour for him to come back. I figured, even if he saw me in one hour I would end up missing 4 hours of work in the middle of the day. I told them I worked 30 min away so she worked it out that I could come back for a 4pm appointment instead. I still missed 1 1/2 hours of work to not even be seen but he can't really help if he has to go into the surgery. I did ask the nurse if he was really golfing and she laughed and said no. So I left work a little early, (thank goodness they are very understanding) and headed back to the dr.

The ultrasound went well. Both babies are now head down and are looking great. They are only in the 12th percentile, which is pretty little but not too little. We will just continue to watch their growth. They checked the placenta that seemed to be growing into my scar tissue and good news, it isn't anymore. So that means no hysterectomy. Aside from them being little, everything is looking great. I still have to be extra careful to keep my contractions under control, but for now everything looks great. My next goal is to make it to 30 weeks. I'm almost there.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brenten's first day of 2nd grade

Brenten's first day of 2nd grade. He found out that his teacher's name is Mrs. Weaver and he was excited because he already knows how to spell her name. I didn't get to see him out the door to school this year. I did get to talk to him after I got home from work. He loves his new teacher. Day one down and everything is still going well. Whew!!! Actually I wasn't concerned. He loves going to school, learning and playing with his friends. He was excited to find one of his friends from last year at lunch.

follow up to hospital

me at 28 weeks

Last Friday I had my follow up to the hospital and it went well. It was actually really fast. However, the doctor wants me to get a handicap parking pass by this Wednesday's appointment. I know it will be good but I am that person that parks at the end of the parking lot just to get more walking in. And if I have consistent contractions for more than 15-20 min then I have to go into the hospital. (if laying down stops them then I don't). They just want to be able to stop any labor fast. He is letting me work but if I get contractions then I have to leave and it is also with the deal that I don't do anything when I get home. So I have to be extra extra good.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st trip to the hospital

I am really only blogging about it because this pregnancy I am terrible about keeping a journal and so I am putting on here with anything else pregnancy related. I have been having contractions for some while. Most likely braxon Hicks but they are getting stronger. Yes real labor when you are getting to the end will be more intense. But with having pre term labor with Cait and then the risk being higher with twins it is not something I am willing to play around with.

Yesterday I was having contractions 4 or 5 an hour. I wasn't terribly concerned since this has been happening but then the next hour will slow back to my norm of 2-4 an hour. But then as the time passed I realized that this had been going on for about 4 hours and neither of the babies were active. and at this point I was having them more frequently. Typically they are going crazy in the mornings (just had a dr. pepper). Not the case so I called the nurse and she called me right back. She sent me into the hospital to get monitored for a bit. So off I went. I hung out at the hospital for a few hours. They gave me a shot to stop the contractions. Which seemed to work and she checked me and I am dilated a little less than a one. Not a huge concern but something to watch. And then she did a test. I can't remember the name of it. But it tells me if my cervix is wanting to deliver in the next 2 weeks. It came back negative. Good news. Things were calmed down enough after 3 hours that they sent me home to rest. I am not on bed rest. They said I could go to work the next day but then nothing after that. So Christian's rule of "If its fun Becky can't do it" is in full effect. The doctor wanted me to schedule for Friday and see how things are going. So for now that is the plan.

A little something funny. When I went in they ask all the questions of why you are here, how many weeks, my doctor and all that good stuff. And when I said 27 weeks the nurses all turned and stared. I forgot to mention there were 2 babies. How could I forget? Anyway, when I said they are twins they all looked relieved. I know I'm huge but that really confirmed it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

2nd shot - the canon adventure

My family is back and I love having them home. I did notice that my house went from clean to a tornado in seconds though. The kids had a great time at grandmas and are needing a little extra sleep to recover. Christian had one the best experiences ever on his trip. Below is a link to the first set of pictures from his trip. Soon will be a 2 minutes commercial online and then in November a 30 second commercial on TV.

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Diva

Most of you already know or have some idea of what Christian has been up to this week but this is more for me and remember what a great experience he is having so far.

A little background: Last November Christian saw an ad asking have you ever been on a trip and your pictures didn't turn out? Tell us your story and we will send you back on your trip with one of our new great cameras. (Canon). Christian wrote in telling about a canyoneering trip with his buddy Matt and how the pictures did not turn out. Along with his story, he told about how his father got him into canyoneering and climbing with his love of canyoneering.

We didn't hear anything until about February and then the casting crew working for Canon did a skype session with him and then with Matt. After they they didn't hear anything until about a month ago and then he was getting all kinds of phone calls. About a week or so ago it was final. They were chosen for the TV commercial/documentary for Canon. All the particulars were being worked out.

Really Christian was excited to get a chance to go canyoneering and maybe get a camera out of it. It has become so much more. And never having any kind of experience like this it has been a lot of fun.

They got to their hotel Tuesday evening and they meet with their stylist. I laugh every time I think about Christian having a stylist for a bit and that was about it. She talked to them about outfits, nails, etc.

The next day they realized this was a much bigger production than first thought. There were about 30 people there to shoot this commercial. They didn't have to do a whole lot until the even so Christian and his Dad went into Zions and did a little hike and then met Matt and watched an IMAX movie about Zions. They got back and then in christian's words "this Asian lady played dress up with him." He tried on outfit after outfit and she told him if they looked good or not and when he would be wearing them. Funny Christian has outfits.

Yesterday was they were filming. And he had a 12 hour day. I actually didn't even get to talk to him. He called when they were coming off the mountain but he still didn't have very good service so I had to wait to talk to him this morning. I only got to chat for a minute but he is loving it. It is a whole new world. He said if he even mentions he is thirsty or needs sunscreen or anything 3 different people will have brought him drinks and sunscreen. I bet the crew is not used to such easy going people.

He is shooting all day today and then tomorrow he will pick up the kids and come home. He has another whole day of people catering to his every nerve. I may have a Diva coming home and I am not talking about Cait. I can't wait to hear more of what he is doing and to see the final product. Will of this be for a 30 second commercial or what? Still so very cool for us.

Tuesday Christian packed up the kids and went to St. George. Dropped the kids off with Grandma Weaver and picked up his Dad and drove back to Hurricane to the hotel that he would be staying at for the week. I couldn't go because I can't travel more than 30 min and well I'm working as well.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

26 weeks!!

Good News!! Typically by now in my pregnancies my blood pressure is starting to go up. (one of the reasons brenten was an emergency c-section) and also usually I barely pass my glucose test. We are talking by one point or so. With twins, I am more likely to have issues with both of these. Well not so far. My bp is close to what it is when not pregnant. (great) and I was no where close to failing my glucose test. Yeah!!! We are knocking out 2 risk factors with twins. Even my iron is good. Well not great. They say I should be tested again in a few weeks to see if I need to go on a supplement but so far so good. She was really shocked because I guess most who are expecting twins have to go on an extra prescription iron supplement by now.

I made it another two weeks and made it to another doctors appointment. This was my first normal appointment. No ultrasound or anything. Just measure, listen to heart beats and ask questions really fast. Babies seem to be great. Now that I am used to having ultrasounds every time I go in I feel like who could they really know with out one. I have my discomforts but they are all "normal" and they don't effect the babies. My latest annoying symptom is that I have 2 numb hands. Now don't get me wrong, I can feel them, they are just all tingly all the time. The one hand has been like this for over 2 weeks now and the other hand just started 3 days ago. The doctor said he wouldn't be surprised if I end up with carpal tunnel. With all the swelling and fluid that I have and now the fluid is in and around some of my nerves. Good news, is when the babies come out it should go away. Bad news, all I can do is take Tylenol. I now call Tylenol the cure all for nothing when pregnant.

The doctor I saw this time is fine but I think he was pre occupied with something else. It was really weird. He was more than happy to answer questions but when I said that is all he was out of there. He stopped mid sentence and then left and kept walking and immediately got on the phone. I kind of followed him and asked if I was supposed to follow him or what. He didn't even say when I was supposed to come back. The appointment before the other doctor had said when I was supposed to be back in for the next month or so. I just confirmed it with the nurse and left. It was so weird. Oh well. I go back in 2 weeks for an ultrasound.

I feel like lately I am the biggest jerk friend ever so sorry if I am acting mean. I really don't mean it. I am hoping one day I will be back to my normal nice self. Please don't let me scare you off.