Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

a few pictures.

Cait has two piggy tails. I am so excited. Yes I understand there is hardly any hair in either of them but isn't she so cute.
Landon helping me finish painting the kitchen.
Cait got a bear from her ENT before surgery and she love him. It has a little ribbon that says Dr. Porter loves me.
Brenten is very into Legos. Here is his alien creation. He likes me to take pictures of them.
Cait loves to crawl up and sit on Brenten's laps. I hope they will be buddies forever.

Day of Caits Surgery

The night before Caits surgery for Tubes in her ears, Landon lost Dog. It was traggic. And he made sure if it was tragic for him then it was tragic for all of us. He cried the WHOLE night. I got up with him 4 times and Christian 2 times. The Last time Christian got up with him he put him in the guest bedroom where he continued to cry. Nothing made him better. I think I got maybe a 1/2 hour of sleep. It was crazy. After I got home from the surgery I finally found DOG and I gave it too him, he gave a big sigh and fell asleep. And he slept until 2:30 in the afternoon. And he only got up then because Christian convinced him to play video games with him. He sure does love DOG
Cait right before surgery. Things went really well. They did find that she had ear infections then too. Which only gives us one more reason that she really needed it. I have already noticed some improvements. Prior to surgery she wouldn't even try to walk. I didn't even think about until someone mentioned to me that babies with lots of ear problems have balance problems so the don't walk very early. Now she is taking for 4 and 5 steps at a time. Crawling is still faster but she stands all the time on her own. Also I couldn't tip her upside down or she would scream. I thought we was just going to be a little chicken. Now she loves it. I wonder if it was the pressure.
My cute cute baby.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

feeling great in 8 weeks

So I have started this new competition with some ladies at the gym. It is a point system. I get points for eating good foods, drinking water, exercising, lifting weights, praying, reading scriptures. I get points taken away for eating bad foods. My goal is to lose the last of my weight, and feel better in all areas of my life. Wish me luck. It started yesterday and am doing well so far. I am on day 2 of no soda and am surviving. Feel free to check up on me so that I can continue to stay strong through the whole competition.