Sunday, September 28, 2008

Half Way There

I am finally half way done being pregnant. Wahoo!!!! In some ways, it feels like it has been so long. Some of the good stuff. I can feel the baby moving pretty much anytime I sit down. Pretty cool. Christian has felt the baby a ton. The boys think they have but I don't think they really have. I am glad that the holidays are coming for a couple of reasons. One I give myself permission to eat what ever I want. And two, the holidays are kind of count downs until the baby gets here. Since Brenten still doesn't have a very good sense of time. I can tell him all the things that have to happen before the baby comes. (including his birthday) I finally am starting to get a little bit of my energy back.

Some of the not so good stuff. Migraines are still an issue but I am dealing. All I have to say is Tylenol is a joke. But I am trying to drink more water. So far it is just causing me to pee a ton but I am going to keep with it. I figure that is an easy enough thing to try. The heartburn is really starting to get me most of the time. The nasty tums are starting to taste better which means I am taking way too many of them. There is one weird thing and tell me if any one else has had this. I can't stand my own smell. Normally (not pregnant Becky) I don't really smell myself and if I use deodorant I don't stink much. However, I can't stand my own smell unless I have lots of smelly lotion on. And when I am working out it is awful. Christian will say I don't smell bad but in my nose it is the worst. I am confident he would tell me the truth so I guess it is good that I am not grossing other people out but I am sure grossing myself out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3rd doc appointment

I had my 3rd doctors appointment today. Landon was a little better with it this time. And Brenten is as excited as usual. It went well. My big complaint was that I am getting migraines. And I haven't taken any of my medicine because I didn't know if it was okay. His response. Oh you can take your medication but it makes babies smaller so you will have to be monitored more carefully. And the 2nd medication I take he said is fine if it is only once a week but no more, and even though there haven't been any reports of this but that the medication constricts the blood vessels so it only makes sense that it will constrict blood vessels around the uterus too. I am sure he was making his point but really do those sound like options. I would rather have migraines every day than have those options. so I will be taking Tylenol for migraines and see how that works. Wish me luck.

The baby looks great so that is all the matters. And I even though it doesn't sound like it, I really feel good today.


Brenten started preschool a couple of weeks ago. He loves it. It is a co op group which means I will teach about every 6 weeks. I guess a little less. I was a little hesitant at first. I was already feeling like I had so much going. I am so glad I did it for all of us. Brenten is making some friends and loves to learn. I thought Landon would struggle but he enjoys dropping Brenten off and hanging out with me or going to a play group. I thought he would be clingy but he is so pleasant. I am seeing a whole new side of Landon and it is so fun. We will see if my views change once it is my turn to teach.
Landon is funny. He has kind of claimed his spot in the living room. He loves to sit in the window sill. If he has a couple of books and his spot, he is totally content.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Please Help me with my Blog!!!!

Every time I change my background for my blog the old template remains around my text. Why is this? I would like to change all to be the same but I can't find out how. If you have the answer, you can first laugh because it is pretty easy and should be obvious, but when you are done laughing please leave a comment so I can fix it.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Funny Boys

My last blog was pretty negative so here is a funny one. Today Brenten Landon and I are on our way to the gym. On the drive in Brenten and I had a pretty good conversation that had me laughing so hard.

B: So mom when are you going to see Oprah?
M: What are you talking about?
B: Mom when are you going to see Oprah?
M: Brenten I am not going to Oprah.
B: When are you going to see Oprah? I know you are going.
M: Seriously I am not going to Oprah and have no plans to go to Oprah. Why would you think this?
B: Well when the six babies come out you will have to go to Oprah.
M: Laugh, Laugh.......Brenten there is only one baby in my belly. Only one.
It wasn't until this point that I remembered that Jon & Kate plus 8 were on Oprah yesterday and I had it on. But I no idea how he thought I would have 6. Brenten has such a vivid imagination. I can hardly handle one in me let alone multiples.

Gym Complaints

Okay, when I go to the gym, I do not go to socialize. However, I must put off a vibe that contradicts my intentions. My intentions are to go to the gym and work out. that is pretty much it. Now if I see someone I know of course I would stop and talk. But the random creeps who I am okay with not knowing not so much.

This has happened to me twice very recently. Usually I do classes and I am pretty good at ignoring my surroundings if I am lifting or on the treadmill. Sometimes I guess it doesn't matter. I was in the Cinema room. If that doesn't scream DON'T TALK TO ME, I don't know what does. And some weird guy asked how long the movie was on. Okay no problem. I tell him it just started. Then he makes comments on how he has been wanting so see it. I ignored him but thought, "Dude, its Shall we Dance" you should be embarrassed to make that comment and should be walking out. But no you actually know the movie. Even though I ignored him he continued to give me commentary for the next 30 minutes. Thank goodness I was already on there for 20 minutes when he started. Even with me being rude he still talked and talked and talked.

Now the thought did cross my mind to move machines, tell him to stop talking, or leave. But know I didn't want to hurt the annoying creepy guys feelings who I don't know. Why do I care?

You would think I had learned my lesson but I was stretching out yesterday after working out. I made sure to be by myself. And with in 2 minutes a different creepy old guy comes and talks to me. And continues to stand by me and bring up random comments. It still took me 10 minutes before I got up and stormed off.

So annoying!!!!! I wish I could be more direct and just tell them that it is not flattering or welcoming but just creepy. Please all the creeps leave me alone. Please don't ruin the one time a day that I get to be by myself and have some peace.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day

Christian is funny because he never knows what days he has off until the last minute. That is so not me. I would know for the whole year within the first week of work.

We ended up making a quick trip to Kolob. We went down Saturday, because we had a softball game on Friday night. It was so fun. Phillip and Paula were there for all of it and Christian's parents came up for Saturday and Monday.

We got to roast marshmallows, take the canoe out, swing, and throw rocks in the creek. But again Landon would have been content to sit in the dirt and dig.