Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day

I am terrible and I don't have any pictures from Father's Day.  But we did hang out together and that was nice.  The kids were all excited to make cards for Christian and put it in a bag of treats for him.  It was funny to hear what Caitlin and Landon said.  Brenten's was thoughtful, but I was not shocked by what he wrote.

Caitlin wrote (had me write):  I love Dad because...hugs, snuggles, wrestles, and dun dun dun da da dun da da dun.  (Darth Cailin song or more commonly known as the darth vadar song)  She is so funny.  She always acts so bugged every time he hums that to her.  And yells, I am NOT Darth Caitlin.  It makes me laugh that she actually loves it. Its all an act or a game to her. 

 Landon wrote many of his own. And most were small and expected.  Loves, wrestles, makes us food, and then he said, "mom you write this one because it is too long" and so he had me write
        - he lets us watch movies in the durango even though we all now he hates it.
It is true.  It does drive Christian crazy to hear their sometimes very annoying movies in the back of the durango.  I was not aware that the kids knew this.  I had to laugh a little.

Friday, June 22, 2012

In Zion's with my peeps

Mike T with Maci.  We have the best friends ever.  The whole weekend someone was holding one of our kids.  But that is how they always are.  Everyone just jumps in and helps out.  Even if it isn't their kid.
It was May and we were in Zion's and yet we got over 12 in of snow in one night.  But it wasn't even cold out.  We didn't have snow clothes but that didn't stop us.  There is something good about being in a big cabin with snow all around us.
My crazy friends.  We were only missing one family of our group.  They will have to come next time.
We lost at ping pong and had to run around the cabin bare foot in the snow.  Our feet were frozen.
A little fooz ball.
The kids having some quiet time.  See the cutie snuggling with Brenten.  We have to keep them separated.  The old people are not ready for this.
The snow was gone in about 24 hours so we went into zions and did a little hiking. 

The kids had a great time.  These are just the ones that could go on the hike with us.
We really had an incredible time.  Thanks Mandy for hooking us up.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

spring break - on the Ranch

For spring break, my kids go to my sister's ranch.  This is the second year for the boys and the first for Caitlin.  I was a little nervous for Peggy and Roger.  But they are champs. All three did great.  They have so many great experiences when they are there.  They ride horses and 4 wheelers, drive tractors, feed baby cows, and goats.  They pay with the dogs and cats.  I can describe my sister as doctor do little meets the horse whisperer.  They had the best time and can't wait for year 3 on the ranch.

Twins are 6 months old

Can we play tomorrow?

I just didn't want to forget this.  We have been trying to spend a lot of quality time with the kids this summer.  I can get into work early so I can leave a little earlier.  We will try to go do things.  Most of the times they are just small things. It has been very positive for all of us.   Caitlin has been pretty clingy lately but she has been much better behaved since I have been the one tucking her in at night.  It is our quality one on one time.  It isn't split with any of the other kids or things that I need to get done.  It's interesting because I don't even spend that much time in there.  I just go in, get her in bed, sing one song, give her a kiss and she reminds me to shut the closet door so she won't trash her room.  For the last week or so, she has been asking me each night.  Mom, can I play with you again tomorrow when you get home.  I say "of course" and she gets a giant smile on her face and says good night.  I love that she is excited to play with me when I get home from work.  I would have thought this would make me happy but really it just makes it harder knowing it is a big deal to her that I am gone all day.   I just have to remind myself that this is temporary.  One day I will get to spend so much time with them that they will be sick of me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Physical Therapy

We were able to get the babies into a pediatric physical therapist fairly quick.  And we are fortunate that on Wednesdays he comes out to Saratoga Springs.  So except for the occasional scheduling conflict, Christian only has to go as far as Saratoga Springs. Lots of people ask what kind of exercises can you do with a 4 month old. First off, we can only do as much as the baby will allow.  If they are fussy or tired or just don't feel like doing it, it won't work.

 We found out some interesting things.  Beckett has acid reflux.  We knew this.  He was actually put on medicine for it a few days after he was born.  But the doctors like them to be off of it by 3 months if possible.  And so we did.  Well, Beckett will only look to the right.  Acid reflux does not cause torticollis but it does prevent it from getting better.  The PT could tell right a way that he was having discomfort due to the acid reflux.  Also babies with acid reflux will prefer their right side because it is more comfortable.  I would still like to find out more about this because how is the anatomy working so differently when he looks to the right compared to the left that makes him better.  We have to many other things to worry about to dwell on this.  So beckett is back on Previcid.  It is nice that he isn't spitting up as much.  The PT taught Christian all kinds of exercises and stretches to get them to look the direction we needed.  We also made them arm bands that help us all remember which we need them to look. It also helps the kids to play with them on the correct side to help them.

For the Plagiocephaly, (flathead) we can't let them be in any position for more than 15 min.  So we are constantly moving them around.  And playing on their backs or in a bouncer is completely off limits.  Anytime we do lay them down we try to prop them on their sides.  They are both boarder line of needing helmets but don't need them yet.  Beckett's measurements are much closer to meeting the requirements.

The PT is very informative and Christian has been really impressed with him.  Some think that to correct this is cosmetic.  It really isn't.  Of course we don't want our babies to have flat heads forever.  But Becketts case is a bit more extreme.  If this is not corrected, it would mean so many things he would not be able to do.  He would only be able to one step down stairs (even when older), he wouldn't be able to use the other side of his body as well.  Meaning his left arm, leg and even brain. We are catching it very early and are told that is a huge part.

Darth Caitlin or Pink Vadar

Caitlin is a little spit fire.  She is different in so many ways from my boys.  One of which, is her mischievousness.  My boys just knew there were things they weren't supposed to get into and stayed out of them.  Cait knows there are things she shouldn't get into and then gets into them, breaks them and trashes the place.  She has lost everything out of her room a few times now because she will just trash the place.  I mean, 4 rolls of toilet paper decorating her room (Even in the humidifier), vicks on the mirror (that I didn't know we had), and of course all drawers of clothes emptied out.  Right now she is in the process of earning her belongings back yet again.  She is up to one blanket and one pillow and her baby doll.  She can earn something after nap time and bed time if her room isn't trashed and nothing from the bathroom in her room.  ie. toilet bowl cleaner brush.  If she trashes it she starts over.  Who knows, she could be 16 and still be earning back a pillow. :)

She has a gift to show people that they are not paying attention to her.  And it could be for just a moment.  This is her coloring herself.  Christian had it the day she pours baby powder over the whole living room and then spilled a bottle into it.

Her nickname around the house when she is in one of her "moods" is Darth Caitlin.  And she knows exactly why Christian calls her that.  And when she comes in the room, he hums her new theme song.  (the darth vadar song).  She does a good job pretending to hate it. 

All this spunk may be the source of new wrinkles or grey hairs (i'm really not that old) but she is so worth it.  I wouldn't change her for anything.  I just hope to channel this spunk to our advantage.  Like telling boys to stay away.  :)  I can dream right!

Monday, June 18, 2012

4 months old

Feb. 14th, 2012- Since it is so far after the fact,  I had to date it myself.  Eek.  I really thought I would have more time once tax season was over.  Oh Well.

It has been forever since I have posted.  I have been starting them but not publishing them since my life is a bit CRAZY.  It really is.  Crazy doesn't mean all bad just really no time for blogging.  My hope is to get caught up this weekend.  Wish me luck. 

The babies are 4 months old.

Maci is 10.9lbs   4%  and 24in 13%  and head is 4%    
Beckett is 12.1lb  0%  and for some reason they didn't get length and his head is 5%

By far they are the smallest babies I have had.  At their 4 month appointment, we were concerned because their heads are flatter.  They have Torticollis and Plagiocephaly.  This means, they can only move their heads one way.  This is very common with twins.  And since they were growth restricted because my uterus could not grow any bigger, the doctor was not surprised.  This means physical therapy.  And sounds like a lot of it.  the Plagiocephaly is the flattening of their heads.

Other than that they are doing well. They are a little delayed but that is to be expected since they were a bit early.   Beckett loves to reach for toys and has two teeth.  Maci is just starting to reach and grab at toys.