Sunday, November 16, 2008

My little Horses

After Paula left on Sunday, the boys were so excited about the zoo they decided they wanted to be different animals. They ended up being horses, which is funny since there weren't any horses at the zoo. But they decided they needed apples for snacks because that is what horses eat and they wanted water in bowls because horses need water. This went on for most of the evening. I was just glad it was only water and the apples stayed on the plates.

Sleepy Boy

Landon is funny. He loves to lay in bed, especially in the morning. He will stay in bed wide awake. Brenten will wake up and jump out of bed, but not Landon. I will tell him he can come out and he says "no I'm sleeping". So I tell him he can come out when he is ready and he will lay there for another 10 minutes or so before he wanders downstairs. If this is happening at 2 how will be when he is a teenager?


Christian and I have been married for 7 years. I can't believe it has been that long already. Now that Christian is done with school we actually got to do something more than a quick dinner. We took the boys to Salt Lake to hang out with their Aunt Paula. She is so awesome. She took them to the zoo and got them tattoos and then went to the store to pick out dinner and snacks. Brenten was so excited that he got spaghetti ohs for dinner. And then she came to our house and spent the night with the boys. Enough about them. Christian and I went to Salt Lake and went to dinner and then went to the Real Salt Lake Semi Finals. We lost but it was such a good game. Even if it was 30 degrees. It was especially nice to go out and then stay the night in Salt Lake by ourselves. I made a joke to christian on the way home that I didn't even worry about the boys at all. I know that Paula does better with them than I do. Thanks Paula. You are the best. Oh and Brenten now says that Paula hooks him up. So I guess you have made your goal.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free 8x11 Photo book

So I had Oprah on and they had a special that I thought was pretty cool. You can get one of those 8x11 custom photo books hardbound for free. Well you have to pay shipping and handling but they book is regularly $30.00 and you can get it for free. Great for a Christmas book or for yourself. Anyway, there is a catch. You don't have to buy anything else or anything but you have to claim the coupon by Friday and submit the book by Sunday. So it is way quick.

Here's what you do if you are interested.

Go to and then go to Wednesday's show. It will say "click here" for a free photo book. Do that, and then you will need to set up a snapfish account. Really easy. If you already have one you have to make sure you are logged out and then go to Once you sign in at snapfish a screen will come up that will say you have a free photo book in your account. I am half way done making a book and it is very easy so far. I am excited to see how it turns out. For free, I am willing to try it out.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Picts from Brenten's Birthday Bash

He wore this birthday hat he got at preschool for two days. That includes going to stores, people's houses, nap and bedtime. I did get him to take it off for bath time at least.
Opening presents. Landon was very excited to help Brenten. But really he did pretty good for none of them actually being for him. It did help that Brenten was willing to share everything. Brenten, Cooper, and Landon making their own pizzas. I am so glad I did the "grown up" pizzas already. They had a ton of fun and loved to eat their own pizzas.

Brenten wanted a fire breathing dragon cake for his birthday. What ever happened to just wanting a chocolate cake. It definitely wasn't professional but in my time crunch I think it turned out cute. I put a candle in the dragons mouth so it could be fire breathing but really it looked like he had a cigarette. Oh well, Brenten thought it was cool. He told me it was his favorite.

Another Doctor's Appointment

I don't even know what number of doctor's appointments we are at now. Just the same, I had one yesterday. It went great. I was now given the talk of if anything goes wrong (ie. no movements, too many contractions) to go to Labor and Delivery not the ER. That always feels like a big milestone to me. The actual doctors visit was short and went very well. I had been having these nightmares that I had gained 13lb + in the 4 weeks and the doctor would tell me I am fat and need to watch what I eat. The dream was slightly ridiculous but felt very real. Anyway, I was nervous for the weigh in. But I only gained 2lbs. I don't know how to explain that except having two boys at home and then working out really seems to be helping. I say that now but we will wait until next month to see if my good luck continues. I had to do the glucose test too. Yuk!!! That drink is terrible and it makes me soooo tired. But I am guessing I passed since I haven't heard from the doctor yet.

Happy Birthday Brenten!!!!!

It is my cute Brenten's birthday. I can't believe that he is 5 already. He has been telling me that he is so old now. It makes me so sad. I know it is probably the pregnancy but when I saw him this morning I started to tear up. I can't believe he is definitely getting big. He is now old enough for Kindergarten. He is definitely not considered a toddler in anyway. And he is well on his way to be a teenager. If you ask him, he knows everything. We love our cute boy. And are so excited to celebrate his 5th birthday. I am glad he is not too old to come and snuggle and watch a movie with me or to give me a big hug and a kiss in front of his friends. He is full of life and is such a happy boy. He loves being the big brother and can't wait to have a little sister. He is so kind and loving that I know he will be an awesome big brother to the new little one on its way.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Photo Tag

I got tagged by my friend Melinda! This is a picture tag. You are supposed to go to your photos on your computer and find the 4th folder and pick the 4th photo in that folder. Then, you go to your photos again and find the 6th folder and then pick the sixth photo in that folder.

Landon from this summer. He would dump all the crayons out and then sit for 45 minutes just tearing all the paper off each crayon.

Brenten playing with his slip n slide.

I am tagging Amy, Marie, Anna, Amannda