Thursday, November 15, 2012

1 year well visit

10/23/12- Maci is still in the 1% in weight at 16.81lbs.  And Beckett in the 0% at 17.2lb.  It is funny because people say that they aren't surprised that they are so tiny because Christian and I aren't that big.  Well our babies usually are.  They get so chunky.  And then they don't get any fatter from about 1 until they are 2 or 3.  They just get taller.  Do you see my concern?  I can't have a 16lb 2 year old.  They will be so tiny.  :)  I am sure they will get bigger.  No really,  in some ways I like that they are small since I am gone so much.  They get to be my tiny babies a little bit longer. 

The doctor said we are doing a good job with Beckett's PT and they are both starting to catch up.  We are continuing with Kids on the Move and doing at home PT the best we can. 

Since they are so tiny we will go back to the dr for another well visit at 15 mo.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We're in this Together

Sunday Night Christian had Brenten up on the stool and he was ready to buzz his head.   Just a normal haircut.  The boys prefer their hair in such a way that they don't have to comb their hair.  I can't say I blame them.  Christian did the first two big strips up the back of Brenten's head when I walked in, and I gasped.  Christian had not put on a gaurd.  So, essentially Brenten was going bald.  Christian mouthed a few choice words.  There wasn't any thing we could do so he continued on.  And we spent the next five minutes telling Brenten how awesome it was going to be.   Brenten was a real trooper.  He just told us how much hair was being cut off and how funny it felt.  Then he went off to take a shower.

-Just shows how tired Christian has been.  We are exhausted. 

Then it was Landon's turn.  Christian wasn't really paying attention as little Landon was jumping up on the stool and saying, "My friends are going to my fun of me but oh well."  This time Christian put the guard on the clippers and went to town.  When he finished up Landon felt his hair and said, "Why isn't it short?"  Christian asked him if he really wanted it like Brenten's.  And he said, "No, not really.  But if Brenten has to look like that then I will look like that because we are in this together."  So now both of my little men are sporting a new hair due.

Christian and I always say that no matter our trials, I will take ours because at least we have each other and we are in this together.  I don't know how people do it who don't have the support of their family.