Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We have done marble jars for our kids for some time now. And it has really worked for us. The one downfall is it requires a lot of consistency on mine and Christian's part. But really isn't that what parenting is all about consistency. Anyway, We have cups in our kitchen and we usually have different things we are working on. And if they behave the way we like they get a marble but if they talk back or something else negative they lose one. When they fill theirs up they get a prize. It could be $5 or a toy or an ice cream. It just depends. I don't know why but now they are more excited than usual. Christian told Brenten and Landon that they could get a toy if they fill up their cups. And they can get marbles by being helpful/polite without being asked. So the first one to say please or thankyou, clean up or help with a crying baby (one is usually crying). So now I come home and they are rushing to be the first to say thanks mom for dinner. And if I leave my shoes out I will hear in a sweet landon voice "Mom you left out your shoes. I will put them away" Oh and they can't ask for a marble so they are quick to point out their good deeds. Brenten will pick up a baby when I am making dinner. (usually they are both crying at that point) Christian said this is happening a lot after school too. I couldn't help but laugh at first. Yes it is nice but it is non stop right now. Anyway, I am enjoying it for now. I know this can't last at this level. At their rate they will have their cup full in no time.

Cait's excitement

I love my little Caitlin's excitement over the small things. I hope it never goes away. Even though I am sure it probably will. A couple of days ago I went to the grocery store after work. So I came home with a bunch of food. Cait loves to "help" me put it away. For every item, she would say "Mom you bought more _____" and I would say yes and she would say "REALLY" in her high pitched squeaky voice. And this went on for everything. Some of it she may have been excited for but not all of it. I also love that when I walk in the door she will stop what ever she is doing and runs and squeals and gives me a big hug.