Friday, April 30, 2010

Landon's 4th birthday

Paula riding on Landon's new scooter. We all had a little bit of fun. Thank Paula for coming over.
Landon was staring at his presents so it was hard for him to consecrated on his cake. But he did love his crocodile cake.
This is my crocodile cake but it looks more like a lizard. Better than a green pile of goo.
Earlier in the day we went to artic circle. Cait a little nervous about the stairs.
The boys coming down the slide together. I think we had a pretty good day. I love my little guy.

My 32nd birthday

I had low expectations for my birthday since Landon Cait and I all had strep throat the week of it . But luckily we were starting to feel much better. Still we get very tired but at least the other symptoms have subsided.

Cute Christian bought me a little cake. I told him not to worry about it because Landon's birthday is right after mine and we would get enough cake then. But he got one for me anyway.
My kids and the presents they got me. Christian wanted the boys to get into my birthday because mostly I only talk about Landon's birthday. So Brenten told Christian I needed more magnets for my fridge. And Landon was determined that I needed a a dinosaur bath tub toy.
I made this yummy treat because I was done with my competition and it was my birthday. It is called Monkey business. It is a pecan carmel pull apart things. Delicious.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brenten's surgery

Brenten right before he went into his surgery. He now is the proud owner of his second set of tubes. Tubes are only functional for 1 1/2 years but generally the hope is that they have outgrown their need for tubes by the time they are no longer working. Brenten wasn't that fortunate. We did a hearing test a couple weeks ago and Brenten's hearing was 35 decibels lower than the lowest they would let him go. He has a pretty big hearing loss. By getting tubes, the fluid he had behind his eardrum can flow out and therefore improving his hearing. We do a second hearing test in 1 month. We also did allergy testing. We found out he is not allergic to anything. Great news. What that means is Brenten's ears just have bad anatomy. So if in 1 1/2 years he has the same problem again we will be doing permanent tubes. A much better alternative to allergy shots every week. He is doing great after the surgery and has already had comments about his hearing. He said the day after his surgery, "Mom, I am so loud" and he has also commented that everyone around him is much louder. I am taking that as great news.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break in Idaho

The giant pig at Peggy's house.
Peggy right after the pig blew snot all over her. This is why I am not a country girl.
Jazzi Brenten Landon at Peggy's pond.
Landon and Jazzi
This is what Brenten looked like when ever we were at Grandmas house. He is such a trooper. He had one ear ruptured when we went up and then the other ruptured while we were in Idaho. He hardly ever complained. Once each night he got up for ibprofrin and a heat pack and other than that he only said something if someone asked. He is a tough kid.
Landon said he hated horses when we got up there and then he got on the horse and now he thinks we need one for our back yard. Yeah right Landon we don't have room for a dog but a horse sure no problem.
Brenten loved the whole idea of riding. He wanted to do it all by himself. (notice he was wear flip flops)
Cait me and my mom at chuck E cheese.
Brenten at chuck e cheese.
Cait snuggling with Grandpa Sawyer.

More Easter

We went to Paula's new house Sunday afternoon. Her new house is so cute and lots of potential. Phillip came over too.
Paula's giant tree in the back yard. Isn't it huge?
Cait once all the sugar wore off. I can't say I was sad to have some snuggle time. She was so cute. She got her binki and her blanket and then walked over to me and have the "up" grunt. And she didn't move.


This is the snow we got on Easter. Luckily it melted quickly but it also meant no hunting for easter eggs outside.
This is what you get when a 1 year old gets too much candy. She was coming off a pretty good sugar high.
Brenten Landon and Cait were all excited for the Easter bunny to come. Even if Cait didn't get it.
Cait finding her eggs.
Dying Easter eggs. Christian is shrink wrapping super heros on the eggs.

Recent Pictures

Cait playing with her buddy Ty.
Cait falling asleep for the first time in her high chair.
Cait loves playing video games. And she will stare at the tv while she plays with the controller.
My snuggle buddies. I love that they will snuggle while we watch tv at night.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

BYU volleyball

This was from about a month ago but it was so fun. Not only did I get to watch the Men's BYU volleyball game who is #3 in the nation, but I also got to meet my new sister in law. Well, she will be my sister in law on May 15th.

This is Jessica, Brian, Me and Christian. And here is a question to anyone who knows Christian. Is anyone surprised that Christian is not looking at the camera.