Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How do I give them my dollars?

Landon is one of the sweetest most sincere kids. He is also very determined. We have marble cups and they can earn marbles for what ever we are working on. Right now it is for helping out without being asked, being the first to say please and thank you, helping with the babies if they are crying, keeping their room clean, getting homework done quickly but correctly. But if they drive me crazy then they lose them. (ie. whine, tattle, fight, or don't listen). I am sure most every house has their method. When they fill their cup they get 5 dollars. Christian told Landon that when he got his full he would have enough to buy a smaller lego set. He was so excited that he would go around the house telling us, "Look I cleaned up all the shoes" or "Look I helped the babies stop crying" . The other rule, they can't ask for marbles. But I guess they are allowed to point out to us how awesome they are. And every day he would look at his star wars lego book and pick out what set he wanted. He filled that marble cup in a record amount of time. I told him we could look on Amazon to check out the sets he wanted. He quickly found that he has expensive tastes and that some of these sets were very spendy. But he found one in his price range and we bought it online. Did I mention I love free shipping. That is when I realized that he had now idea how this worked. He was amazed when I said ok it will be here Wednesday. Then holding all his little dollars, he ask, "Well, how do I give them my dollars?" Of course Chrisitan was helpful and told him just to give it to him.

He was so excited to get his package in the mail. I think he is now a big fan of ordering online as well.

Monday, February 6, 2012


I don't have time to blog but I did want to remember the dates to a couple of things.
-2/3/12 Maci rolls from her belly to her back 2 times-and I missed it. Landon later reinacted for me.
2/4/12 Beckett belly laughs - big accomplishment since Cait didn't do this until she was a year.
2/6/12 Beckett roles from front to back.