Thursday, May 27, 2010

In memory of Breast Cancer survivors.....

I find it ironic that at the end of May (breast cancer awareness month) that I have found that one of my past college mentors has passed away from cancer. She has suffered and survived a battle of breast cancer that has resulted in double mastectomies. She was in recovery, but the past few months she was really struggling. Loved ones remained optimistic. She her passing on Monday was considered sudden. It will be privilege to attend her funeral to remember all the great things she did on this Earth in such a short time.

Brian and Jessica's wedding

Me and Amy at the after wedding dinner
Will (brother in law) Steve and Jeff (brothers)
Aren't they so cute. I love how he looks at her.
Rachel and Mark (brother)
This is as close as I got to the ocean and I didn't even touch it. I thought we would be back by but I was wrong. Next time I come to visit Brian I will be in the sand and playing in (or at least touching) the water.

At the Giants Game

Even though we blend with everyone these 2 rows are our group.
My brother Jeff and his family.
My brother, Steve, and his wife, Sharon.
Jessica and Brian (the happy couple)

It was so cold there. For those who don't know the stadium is right on the ocean. We were warned but that didn't mean we made it through the whole game. The Arizona brother had to leave after the 4th inning. Him and his kids in shorts and flip flops were freezing. But we still had fun hanging out together.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Strep Throat

We have Strep running through our house again. I am so frustrated. I don't think of myself as a dirty person but maybe I need to re evaluated that. I really thought I cleaned quite a bit. Now my dishes are not always done before I go to bed but I vacuum/sweep/mop at least twice a week. I clean our bathrooms weekly. All bedding gets washed twice a month. I feel like I am constantly cleaning something up. ( the life of having 3 kids and a hubby) But maybe it isn't enough. I am again, cleaning bedding, towels, and disinfecting the whole house all while being sick. This winter has done me in. I need the snow to go away so maybe I can open some windows and all the germs can fly out.

We went to the doctor today for the receptionist to ask me my address or anything has changed and I said nope we are consistent. She said, that you are. You are even consistent in coming in. I think that is a sign that we are there way too much. Sometimes doctors recognize you but I almost feel like we could invite ours and his nurse, Kelly, to a family function now. Oh and I was informed that we need to think about getting Landon into the ENT because his tonsils touch together they are so huge. I know it would help him but really. I don't think I can handle giving our ENT any more money. I want them to be healthy and doing well, but all I see is the dollar signs floating away into someone doctor's kids' college fund.

So at my house, we are banning all illnesses. That's it. I think I have to take a stand and we are just refusing to get sick anymore. Wish me luck.

I'm not ready for my baby to grow up

So yesterday Brenten and I were walking home from church and he was holding my hand. Me being the cheeser I am, was swinging his arm as we walked. Then this teenage boy behind me said, "haha Brenten, are you holding your Mommy's hand? So cute." obviously making fun of him. So I told Brenten it is cool to hold my hand. And then he quietly looked at me and said, "Mom it is NOT cool but if you stop swinging my arm, I will still hold your hand." I was a little sad that he is starting to think it isn't cool but couldn't be too sad because he didn't care and still held my hand. My sweet boy. Oh and don't worry, I told the teen aged boy that he ruined my day and making fun of a 6 year old is NOT cool. At least I could leave with a smile on my face.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm going to marry....

Mom I know who I am going to marry. This is what Brenten was telling me in the car today. Apparently he is going to marry Taylor. I asked him what he liked about her and he said that she is cute nice and smart and that she has the same shoes as Cait. And once they were math partners. in Kindergarten.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

San Fransisco

This last weekend was great. I got to see my brother get married to a great lady. I am so excited she is in our family now and that I will get to know her better. Christian was awesome and let me go by myself and he took care of the kids. (He would have come but he couldn't due to work) We also have to say thanks to the 4 families that helped out with the kids and getting me to the airport. Thanks for all the support. Hopefully I will have pictures soon.

It was a crazy fast weekend. I got there Friday afternoon along with my parents and met up with Brian. They had a parents dinner planned so I hung out with a couple of his friends, who were so great and after 10 minutes you wouldn't even know that we were strangers. (Maybe it was the Texan accents) We hit a shop in San Fransisco and then I we headed up to the Giants baseball field. We had dinner and then met up with a bunch of my family and Jessica's family and watched a little baseball. It was COLD. but we had so much fun. I don't get to see my siblings very often. It was great to hang out with them.

Saturday we went for breakfast and realized that our car was broken. 3 HOURS LATER we got a rental car. Ah, it took forever, but I did get a nap in. We did get back to the hotel in time to get ready and to get to the Oakland temple.

Brian is typically very private with his relationships. I always joked that we would know that he was dating someone when he got engaged. It was almost true. It was so fun to see him so happy and holding hands and being affectionate. And Jessica looks so pretty. Just perfect. After the temple we did pictures and then we went to Pal Alto for dinner. It was awesome. We had a 5 course meal outdoors. They didn't do a reception. I can't even explain how great it was to see my brothers and sisters together. We just had one sister of the 7 of us who didn't make it. I wish she was there.

After the dinner we went back to the hotel and then I hit the gym. Our hotel was so nice and had a great work out center.

I ran my best time. I ran 6 miles in 51 minutes. I was so impressed with myself. That is about 8 1/2 minute miles. I am sure part of it was that I was at sea level and I am guessing another part was mental because I was thinking that I should breath better because we were at sea level.

Sunday we got up had breakfast and headed to the airport. Luckily the plane came in 10 minutes early so it meant I got to hang out with Christian for 20 minutes in the airport. He left for Minnesota for the week.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Brenten rounding 3rd. He is getting baseball a lot more now that it is his 2nd year.
This is Landon's very first t ball game. Apparently this home plate was so far away he needed binoculars.

Finally Landon is running home. He looks so little with the big helmet on. Someone said they look like bobble heads with their helmets. I think she was right.
Now Landon's glove is a hat.
Brenten hitting. He plays coach pitch.
Our fist week of games actually got rained out. It was pouring. Today was a much better day for an opening to baseball season. It was beautiful out. Christian and I had our first taste of what it is going to be like with multiple kids playing on multiple teams. Brenten and Landon both played at noon today. So we split he went to Landon's and I went to Brenten's and then we switched. Now I understand it is still easy. They played at the same park and their fields were right next to each other.

We asked Landon if he had fun and he said "yes, no one had to take me home (for crying) and no one got me out." I guess that means he likes it.