Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cait's first haircut

First picture shows how long it was in the back. I love that it was growing so much. The downfall was that it didn't grow at all in the front and so she had a mullet. Christian thought it was awesome but since he is staying home and is hair challenged he said I should get it cut. My friend Mitzi did such a good job. And we can still give her piggys. The picts don't do it justice. And now like a good and crazy mom I now have a tiny piggy of her cut hair to put in her scrap book.


We were watching the BYU game upstairs and Jessica watched the Wisconsin game all by her lonesome. She was happy her Badgers won.
Mom and Dad watching the BYU game.
My sweet niece Alyssa.
Alex my awesome nephew
It was barely in the teens temperature wise and all the kids still went into the hot tub. They loved it.

Woking Girl

Since Christian was laid off I went back to work. We have been very blessed for me to find a job and get hired on within 3 weeks. It has really taken off the stress and now Christian can really look for something that will be good for him and our family in the future. So for now he is Mr. Mom. I think he is hoping for a moo moo for Christmas. He is awesome and is taking pictures of the different power struggles I am missing out on. This one was Cait was mad Christian wouldn't give her a brownie so she went and got in her seat and sat there "waiting for her brownie". Well it never came so she went to sleep.

My job is working out well. I am an office Manager for an online tax company in Provo called TaxHawk. I have worked a full week now and so far they are pretty easy to work for. I am very busy and any spare second I have I am learning tax laws and rules.