Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas was fun this year. The boys were, of course so into it. We had gone to a couple of Christmas parties and they had their chance to sit on Santa's lap. I think Landon may want to be Santa now. He has to wear his Santa hat everywhere we go.

This was our first year staying at our own house for Christmas morning. It was really fun. Christmas Eve we made cookies for Santa and had family time and talked of Christ's birth. And the boys helped Dad wrap presents.

Christmas morning Brenten came in at 7:30 yelling that Santa had come, it was morning, and Christmas was here. He about scared me to death. Some of you know, but our kids never ever come in our room. They stay in their rooms until I come tell them they can get up. Otherwise, they stay in there unless they have to go potty. It is very nice. Now I see why. I almost went into labor with them running in my room yelling that it was christmas. Of course we got up and opened presents, played with them and had breakfast and then Christian went out to shovel snow and the boys to play and get tired. We had such a nice day.

Friday Christian worked and then we went to St. George to see his family. All of his brothers and sister were there and we had a lot of fun. I decided I am way too pregnant to go on road trips, but it was well worth it. We stayed until Monday. Brenten went to the driving range with his Dad and Phillip and had a blast. Both boys had a great time playing with their Aunt and Uncles. We also got to see my little sister and a friend of Christian's. I am so glad they were able to take time out of their holliday's to come to see us.

Now we are back home and trying to get things cleaned up. It seemed while we were gone a tornado tore through our house because I am certain I would never have made this mess to my own house.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Working on my Table

We are currently without a kitchen table. I have been working on refinishing a table in the garage, but it is way too cold to work on it out there so we brought it in, which means no room for our old table. Yeah for me because I now have a craft table and the boys think it is cool too eat their meals on their own tv trays in the kitchen. Christian has pretty much taken over working on the table as I don't get down that low very well and I think he just wants it done. Brenten and Landon like to help their Dad sand too. I don't know if it is unfortunate or not but my house is so dusty. Of course the dust drives me crazy but I figure why dust for it to be gross again that evening so my house remains dusty and I have given up being grossed out by it. Hopefully our table will be done this year. Wish us luck.

Fun at the Weavers

The boys have enjoyed getting a little bit of snow. They rode their bikes down the drive way and packed the snow really nice so essential they were sledding down on their bikes and at the end would face plant in the alley. Both boys laughed every time. I hate snow on my face and neck but it didn't slow them down at all. Landon had to carry his bike back to the top because the snow was too deep for him to push it up. Brenten even made a few snow angels.

In the evenings the boys love wrestling with their Dad. Christian is so good with them. It doesn't matter that he is so tired he still has the energy to come up with games to play with the boys. The latest is Gator Wrestling. Where their wrap the "gator" up in a blanket and then attack. I can't believe the boys don't mind being wrapped tight in a blanket and then wrestled. I would freak out but they love it and ask for it multiple times a week.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brenten Comments

Last night the boys were talking to my belly. So of course they have to talk right into my belly button. Brenten was so cute. He said, "Baby Caitlin, I don't know when you are coming out but I will love you so much" He is going to be the best big brother.

Played by my 2 year old

So yesterday, I ran into town to run a few errands while Brenten was in preschool. Landon has been potty training and does pretty well except for when he is in the car seat. I don't know what it is about the ride that makes him pee every time. So I was so excited on my drive home that he had been dry the whole time. I told him if you have to go just tell me and I will stop. We were at the red light coming into our neighborhood and Landon yells "I have to pee" so I told him we would pull into the gas station as soon as the light turned green. I thought it will be a miracle if he waits until the light changes. So the light turns green and we pull into Maverik. I get him out of the car and we run in. He doesn't even have to pee. He sits and says "Oh no pee". Then we walk out of the bathroom door and he says "bug juice mom?" Yeah I don't think he ever had to pee but knew that was the magic word to get me to stop. and yes, he got his juice. I was just so excited that he didn't pee in the car that I didn't even care at that point. Well, and I got a soda too. I wonder if this will become a pattern.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Doctor's Appointment

Well, I went back to the Doctors and left a little frustrated after telling the Doctor that we are fighting now. At least when I complained he didn't respond with "that's normal" That comments bugs me so much. How can crazy weird itchy rashes be normal when I have never had them before and when had he ever had to deal with a pregnancy related rash. So luckily for him he didn't say that, because I was ready to let him hear it.

This time going in I had a ton of complaints. I have so many new issues that I have never had with my other two pregnancies. I am told weird painful things come with #3. Fortunately, the baby is doing great, and none of my issues are going to be permanent. However, he has no way to help me out. Needless to say we are fighting (me and the doc)

I am now getting to the appointments every 2 weeks. The good part is that means I am getting closer to the end. Besides who doesn't like getting weighed in every other week to be noted in your records. :)

Oh to be Five

Brenten is so funny. I am sure like a lot of other 5 year olds, we just never know what he will say or think up. So here is his latest. And he is telling everyone, as if he is trying to get us to be convinced.

Brenten: I have a lot of money Mom.
Me: You do?
B: Yeah, I have so much more than you or Dad.
Me: How did you get to have so much money?
B: Oh I just find it. You know Dad should just do what I do and then he wouldn't have to go to work and we could play all day and look for money.

This is his new theory. However, he fails to mention you have to be willing to pick pennies up from gross dirty floors in fast food places and crawl under cars.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Playing in the leaves

I have been meaing to have the boys play in some leaves and get some pictures. I got a few before my battery died in my camera.

Monday, December 1, 2008


We went to my parents' house outside of Boise. We had so much fun. Brenten was so excited to get to play with the trains and hang out with Grandma and Grandpa.
Landon (to the right) in the car trying to block the sun. They are the best little travelers. With me so pregnant we had to stop for me not for them.

Sam and Andy. My niece and her hubby came to hang out with us too. It was fun and nice for Christian to have another guy around. They are very much the newlyweds. My mom and Dad to the right. I think my Mom was especially happy to have the house full. Too bad she had to start it off so sick.

Jessica helping the boys decorate gingerbread men. Aunt Peggy brought them a prize and they thought it was so fun. I don't have any picts of Peggy because well I won't post those picts. I was in them and looked terrible so next time I will have to take picts of my big sis without me in them.

Christian hanging out. He was such a trooper. The weekend was totally girl oriented. But now he should know how I feel, always out numbered. He even took us to Twilight. I made up for it and took him to the James Bond movie. I think that helped him feel like a man again.

Jessica and Brenten. She refuses to just smile but I love my niece anyway and can't believe she is graduating high school this year.

Landon love his olives.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!