Monday, August 31, 2009

soccer...I mean bunch ball

I just had to get in a video. This is so funny. Brenten holds his own better than I thought. He is so laid back that I didn't know if he would get in there and be aggressive. Apparently I need to work on my camera skills. I looked up and forgot what I was doing. If you would have seen the end of the clip Brenten got the ball back and almost made a goal until one of his teammates took the ball away. Gotta love Bunch Ball. Go number 7. Brenten is happy to tell that they are 2-0.


Brenten's first day of school. He was so excited. He was busy getting ready all morning. He was outside with his backpack, bike and helmet an hour early. I had to keep telling him it was going to be a while but he didn't care. when he got home on his first day he told me all about it. And he said he got to go back tomorrow. Good news for me.
Christian says that I only write the "punk" things he does. So here is a taste of the sweet things he does for me. He knew I would have a hard day (I did better than expected) so he sent me flowers. It has been a very very long times since he has sent flowers. It was so cute and unexpected. Love you babe.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

6 months old

Baby Cait is 6 months. The time has really flown by. She is doing great. She is such an easy baby. She went to her well visit and she was 18lb (85%) and 27 in (95%). I know that she is getting heavier but she doesn't really seem that big to me. Maybe it is because Brenten and Landon are always hovering over her and they look huge next to her.

She is eating rice cereal and various veggies. She loves the puffed cereal. If anyone else is eating and she isn't she will stare us down and cry. Pretty funny really. But really I don't blame her, those smashed up peas look terrible. She rolls and scoots around the floor on her back. She is sitting up kind of. She does well until she gets distracted and then tips over. She jibber jabbers like crazy. the boys are certain she says hi.

She loves to sit in front of her basket of toys. She can be content there for so long. I love it.

Handsome Boys

The mullets are gone....


Brenten can be the sweetest boy. He amazes me the way his mind thinks sometimes. Not at all what I expected today. Here's our dilemma. Christian and I play on a softball team and our games are Friday nights. We signed Brenten up for soccer and I was guessing his games would be Saturdays (like baseball was). Well, I was wrong. All of his soccer games are at 6 on Fridays. Now there isn't a problem if our softball game is at 8 or 9 but the 6 and 7 games we will have to make a choice. I found out that our next Friday game is at 6.

Me: Brenten we need to talk.
B: What?
Me: I just found out that our softball game is at 6
B: Oh, I feel so bad mom. I am not going to get to see your game. I am just going to have to go with the Garcia's to my soccer game and when you get home you will have to tell me about your game.
Me: Brenten I feel bad because we will be missing your first soccer game.
B: I know I feel bad that I won't get to go to your game too.

No matter what I said he just kept coming back to how bad he felt because he was missing our game. So cute. Christian and I feel very strongly about sticking to our commitments and following through but I am already feeling terrible.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

we still have mullets

Okay so the mullets were supposed to be gone Monday. It is now Thursday and it won't get done tonight and tomorrow night we have softball so hopefully it will be done on Saturday. If not I may just have to take it into my own hands. If I comment on it, Christian just smiles. I think he is trying to see how long he can keep the mullets.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Business on Top....

All I can say is Christian and shake my head. Really a mullet. Oh and you can't forget that he taught them that every time someone comments about their hair they say "business on top and party in the back". Sometimes my awesome husband kills me. At least he keeps me laughing. And I had the promise that the rest would be cut tonight. Wish me luck.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mom I am a Lawyer

So Brenten and I were in the car and my IPOD had died. When this happens Brenten usually asks a ton a questions. It usually starts off well and then gets funny pretty quick. So yesterday's topic was school/career choices. I don't know what brought this on. Maybe it is his anticipation of Kindergarten. Anyway, he was asking what you have to do to be a fireman, policeman, doctor, teacher. and then he started asking me what other jobs there are so I started naming people that he knew and what jobs they have and what they have gone to school for. The last one we got to was our friend "climber" Matt.

Me: Climber Matt just finished school so he can be a lawyer.
B: What does he do?
Me: There are lots of different lawyers but he wants to be a business lawyer. So he will tell different companies different things they can do and can't do so they can follow the laws and not get into trouble.
B: Well, I think I am already a lawyer.
Me: What????
B: I already tell on people all the time and I also say when they are saying bad words and that keeps them from getting into trouble.
Me: Laughing
B: Don't tell Dad because he will think I need to be older first and go to lots of school but you already know I am a Lawyer.

I didn't have the heart to tell him there is a little difference between a tattle tale and a lawyer. one of which is the pay scale. I love this kid.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Family Vacation

Its a miracle Christian finally took some time off work. He knew he was going to have a rough week there so we took off Wednesday after work and headed on down to Kolob. We love it there. We took our friend "Climber" Matt with us. Well I guess he actually came down Thursday. I always add the pictures backward. So here we are in the Subway in Zions. This is where we were engaged 8 years ago. It is such a beautiful hike but definitely not for sissies. It is a 8 mile hike of walking on slippery rock and then down climbing of big rocks and lots of lowering myself and jumping off of them. There are also pools to swim through and little tunnels to swim under. not real repelling but I needed to hand repel with a rope on one occasion and then climb (or rather fall) down another rope. There are rock slides into pools of water (one of which I took by accident and it really made Christian laugh) It was a great hike and it was so beautiful. I could have picked a million pictures but I just put these two up. I also got to hold a frog (one of the swimming ones). It was so cool and then there were tons of tadpoles and fish in the water. I little tiny frogs in the sand. My favorites was still watching the frogs swim. Thanks to Grandma and Papa Weaver for coming to watch the boys on Saturday so we could go on this great hike.

Landon loves the cabin. The boys are so good there. There was literally zero fighting and they were more than happy to play together and hang out. In the cabin they read books and play with their blocks, cars and dinosaurs. Oh and they loved the water color paints grandma Weaver had left up there.
It is so pretty up there that I usually go camera crazy and well, I think my kids are pretty cute.
The boys have come to understand to do anything for me for a photo op. What little troupers.
There are only a few cabins up there but one of them has a swing set and the boys love it. Landon was a little nervous so I told him he could feel like he was flying and he said he was superman. In his excitement he let go and tumbled off. I am just glad he got back up there. But this is Brenten. He has finally figured out how to get himself to go on the swings. He was so proud of himself.
Dad and Cait at the bonfire. We love to roast marshmallows and make "snores" as Brenten calls them.
Dad caught a horny toad. Brenten thought it was pretty cool. Landon was a little apprehensive.
Crazy landon riding in the car with buckets on his head. He is always doing silly things. He must be 3.