Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cait's 1st stitches

Cait got her first stitches on Saturday. Poor baby. We were walking across the street and she tripped on a man hole cover and fell face first. She split open her head and got a bloody nose. I really think it was harder on me. She cried for a little bit but that was all. I asked her if she was okay and she said yeah. As if there was no reason to not be okay. She was not happy about the actual getting shots part but loved getting my little pony stickers and a sucker. Now she loves to show people her stitches and says that her bandaid is "pretty".

We love love love Soccer!!!!!

We love soccer. We love it so much that Landon is willing to keep his shin guards on for 3 days straight to only take them off because of the big dent in his calf from the elastic being in the same place for 3 days. Cait can't wait for Brenten to take off his soccer stuff after practice (all sweaty) and then puts them on. Shin guards and shoes. I at least convinced her the socks were too yucky. She then goes around the house kicking soccer balls. We are having some fun.


We have had some great storms. I love it. It is August and we are getting hail. I am an Oregon girl so I love a great rain storm especially if it is mixed with thunder and lightening. I love that my kids embrace my love for these storms and I think they are happy that I let them go out in them until the lightening gets close. Natasha, our awesome neighbor, would go out and gather hail for Cait and then she would eat it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kolob part 10

Notice the part 10 part. I have 9 short posts of our trip to Kolob. Humor me and look at all of them so this wasn't a waste of time. haha. Really this is mostly so I will remember when I get around to scrapbooking them.

Kolob part 9 - Bonfire.

Cait loves smores or she really likes chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows. She went straight to the shower after. My messy messy girl.
Brenten liked our little skewers. Didn't you know he is a ninja.
Christian is our expert fire started. I mean he could be on survivor. The wood was so wet but he still got us a bonfire.
Landon loves everything and gives me the best smiles when the camera comes out. He loves to humor me.
Brenten does NOT humor me. He is not a fan of my camera or my obsession of getting pictures of him doing everything. He doesn't like to make eye contact or "smile handsome". Maybe he gets that from his Uncle Brian. I still get some cute ones. I love a challenge. I just have to be sneaky.

Kolob part 8-lots of pictures

Kolob 7

The kids highlight is simple. Playing in the dirt. They get out their tractors and shovels and buckets. they were excited this year because they made mud. They put dirt in their buckets and then wait for it to rain and then stir it and play in it. Cait was excited to play outside with the boys this year.

Kolob part 6 - Catch a cow by the tail

Brenten cow hunting. When Christian was a kid his mom told him she would pay who ever could pull on a cows tail. None of them did. Phillip about got charged by a bull but still no tail. We some of the cows from below the cabin got out and were wandering by the cabin. Brenten thought he had a chance so he is trying to sneak up on the cow. If you look you will see the cow staring at him from behind the tree.

More cow hunting. Cait this whole time was yelling and screaming (a lot of screaming) and reaching out to the cows. When we would has her if she wanted to pet the cows she would say yeah yeah yeah. and nod her head like crazy. My boys when they were her age were terrified of anything that moved. Cait on the other hand loves all animals. She is obsessed. She gets excited any time she sees them. We need to go to the zoo. I think she would love it but worry about the screaming when she can't touch them.

Kolob part 5

We got for lots of hikes and usually we end up at the creek. Doesn't Cait look so little.
Cait throwing rocks. I was so nervous she would fall in so Christian would keep a hold of her hood.
The boys would always gather rocks on our walk and carry them down to the creek. Now there are just as many rocks if not more by the creek so we always tried to tell them they didn't need to carry rocks there but they thought their rocks were the perfect throwing rocks.

Kolob part 4

We love the humming bird feeder. We usually have 3 or so humming birds enjoy it too. But this time we got up to about 10-11 at one time. It was fun to see them fight over their sugar water. Every day we enjoyed nap time. It was about the same time the afternoon thunder storms came it. I love the smell of rain in the mountains. And the boys loved playing games up there. They get along so well when we are at the cabin.

Kolob part 3-Hike

Landon Brenten

our little hike Cait got sleepy in her ride.

One of the days we went into Zions and went on a little hike. Christian had some motivation. He wanted to go check out a potential climbing spot. I think he was happy with it. It wasn't that far and the kids loved the red sand. The sand was so hot and they still played in it. They wanted to stay even longer. The picture of Brenten was how we saw the boys a lot. They thought it was great they could pee outside at any time.

Kolob part 2

Brenten Fishing. Landon. One of their catches. Notice Cait is petting it.

the boys get all excited to get worms and go fishing. They aren't the most patient but luckily once we found the right spot we didn't have to be. Our problem is Cait screaming because she wanted to get in the creek. As soon as they would get the worm in the water they got a fish. We caught 2 and then threw them back. And we had a few get away. They were decent size. The second one was about 14 inches.

Kolob part 1

So we went up the cabin this past weekend. Well we went up on Wednesday after work and had a long weekend. It was great. There is no electricity, no tvs, radios and no cell phone. We do have propane fridge and stove/oven and we have toilet and shower. Our water is mountain spring water. We should bottle it and sell it. It is so good. I went running the first morning and I swear I almost ran into a buck. It was crazy. He and I stopped about 7 feet away from each other. I about peed my pants and I think the deer was shocked to see me out there. Besides being scared it was so cool. We see all kinds of little animals. I saw a doe on the way back on my run. Landon had a momma turkey and 5 baby ones walk in front of him when we were out walking. We also saw squirrels, chipmunks, California condors (only about 100 living), lots of other birds, varments, snakes, fish. I am sure I am missing some.