Friday, April 29, 2011

My Birthday!!!!

5 years ago I got a birthday present that can not be topped. I started to go into labor with Landon. The best gift was knowing that baby was coming out. We didn't end up sharing a birthday but it was close enough.

Anyway, this years birthday my cute Brenten would ask me days in advance, "who's birthday is in 3 days" And would have the sweetest smile. He gets as excited for our birthdays as he does his own. I try to tell Christian not to bother with a cake because we have one for Landon's birthday the next day. But he always does.

He felt bad for me this year. I have had morning sickness, and then yesterday morning I woke up with the stomach flu and I had already had a migraine that I couldn't get rid of. I went to work. I don't even know why. I made it until 2 and then left.

I got home and Cait was asleep and the boys were so good so I got almost a 3 hour nap in. And then I moved to the couch. I can't say I did a whole lot of anything. Tash and Malyssa came over and brought me a cute birthday bowl of goodies. I love it and can't wait to eat some. And then the kids and Christian had mac n cheese. I told Christian I wanted a rain check on my birthday dinner for when I could eat it. After dinner they brought me in my cake and they all sang. So cute. Even Cait gets into it. And then they each gave me their presents. Christian got me a new watch and I love it and the boys got me a frame and a level. The joke is that I never measure or level my pictures I just put in a nail and if it doesn't look good I take it out and try again.

I took a bath. and laid around and got to pick all the tv shows because as Brenten put it " You can do what ever you want. Its your birthday". He even told Cait no Dora cause it isn't her birthday.

I love my sweet family. They make my day even when I feel crummy.

Landon is 5!!! Happy Birthday!!!

He has been looking for this day for months now. He has been counting down all the things he needed to do before he could go to kindergarten. First he had to have his kindergarten well check, (aka shots). He has checked that off and then kept asking when he starts going to school. That is when we told him all the things that had to happen before he started school. Next on the list was turning 5.

Happy Birthday to my little buddy. Landon has the biggest heart. He loves to snuggle and will give Cait kisses even if she punches and yells at him. And he can be sad but will still give you the biggest smile. I love it. This morning he was all sleepy and got up to go to the bathroom and before he went back to bed I told him "It's your birthday" and he gave me his big grin and laid back down.

I can't wait to go home and give him the biggest hug.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We are expecting again and this time there is a little more excitement involved. We are having 2 babies. It is still very overwhelming. So much to do and so little time before "my belly is so big that I won't be able to get off the couch" (that's what Brenten told me). He did follow with that's okay I will bring you food. What a good kid.

Sorry the rest will be boring but I want to remember........

Let's start with the important stuff. My due date is 11/11/11. Which makes me 10weeks and 4 days pregnant. I went to the doctor yesterday and had a little sit down chat with him and then he did the ultrasound. Right as he put it on my belly I saw two black circles (their little homes). But then he zoomed in on one and did some measurements. I was really just telling myself it was my imagination. Then he said "do you see the blinking, that's the heart beat" and then he zoomed out and said "And there is the other heart beat". I really do think I had a panic attack. That is what I am guessing. My chest tightened and I was breathing uneven and apparently my face was all red. I ask a few random questions and he told me a bunch of stuff that I am sure I will have to ask about again. Then I left to go tell Christian. Does he have a panic/anxiety attack when I tell him. Nope. He just said, I knew it last night. I couldn't believe how calm he was. He made me sit for a while before he would even let me drive home. I was glad that later in the evening he just kept saying 2 babies, so maybe there was a level of freak out that he was just hiding better then me.

One thing we found out at the docs appointment is that I have to have a c section. Brenten was a c-section but I have had 2 very successful VBACs since (vaginal birth after c section). But now with 2 they don't know how my uterus will stretch and what my scar tissue is like. I guess the one positive is that they can tie my tubes while they are in there.

People have asked if I have had any idea. Yes I have known for weeks. I would say I was in denial. For every experience or symptom I have had, I had a justification for it. That being said I did keep joking about it to a handful of people. Part of me felt I was just being dramatic.

-Right after I found out we were pregnant, I had a couple of dreams that they were twins.
My sister had 2 twins almost 2 years ago so maybe that is why it is stuck in my head.
-I got sick starting at 4 weeks. I mean sick sick. And I normally have morning sickness but nothing until 8 weeks. Actually I usually don't even feel pregnant until about 8 weeks and then it all hits me.
I figure I am super busy and pretty stressed so that is why.
-Extreme tiredness. I mean complete exhaustion. Yes I have been tired with the others but this is so tired all the time that breathing seems like an effort tired. Which is getting a tiny bit better. Still tired but I am able to breath.
My excuse, I'm old and busy.
-started showing really REALLY early. Normally by 10 weeks I am telling Christian I am showing and he laughs at me. This time I am bigger than my niece who is nearly 20 weeks pregnant. I don't even fit in my fat pants anymore. I can wear them but they are unbuttoned and unzipped. Crazy. I am going to get HUGE.
It is my 4th (well now I know 5th too) but maybe I am showing early because it is #4 and my body just knows what to do.
-I saw my brother last weekend and he asked how far along I am and I said 10 weeks and he looked at my belly and said "Are you trying to be like Amy and have twins". I laughed and said Not funny.
Brothers always say stuff like that. All boys think they are funny and brother think they are funnier than most.
-The night before my appointment I felt the baby move on one side of my belly. You know the fluttering movement. And then I felt it move on the other side of my belly. Knowing my baby is barely over an inch long, and that there is no way it could be felt on both sides at the same time.
My thought: Stop thinking there are two, when you are only ready for one.

I think even amidst all my denial I should have been prepared. But really I don't think you can really ever be prepared for when you see them on that little ultra sound screen.

We are really excited. They must be such best friends they didn't want to to be separated. Now to get ready. WOW we have a lot to do. Like...where are 5 kids going to sleep. :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Christian and I started playing indoor soccer in December. It has been so much fun. It is with a lot of the same people that we play softball with. Christian is good at soccer. Me on the other hand have lots of room for improvement. But I think I really have improved over the last few months. We are now in our 2nd season and am loving it. And on Monday night I scored my first goal. I even cheered for myself. I am really starting to get a hang of it. That being said, I still have LOTS of room for improvement.

Movie Day

Last Friday my work was having a "team meeting" at the movie theater and we watched Rango. We could bring family but it was a matinee and that meant Brenten was in school and Cait needed a nap but that did leave Landon available. Christian was awesome and met us at the theater at 11:15 and Landon and I had a little date paid for by my boss. We had popcorn and drink and Landon loved the movie. He didn't even know that he was coming or what he was doing when Christian pulled up and I had him get out and took his car seat. After the show he went back to work with me. I only had about 1 1/2 hours left. So he came to work, got a drink and a cookie or two (one of the other ladies brought cookies in ). And then he colored pictures and watched shows on my ipod while I worked. I am glad I got to do that with him. I knew he wouldn't be a problem, but my co workers were impressed with how quietly he sat and did his own thing. Now that I am working I really miss all the one on one time I used to get with my kids. I am glad that my works gives us an opportunity or two to have some of that time back. We just have to be more scheduled about it now.

Brenten's Surgery

Brenten had surgery a couple of weeks ago. He had tubes for the 3rd time and his adenoids out for the second time. We were told they could grow back but didn't really think much of it. Well they grew back with vengeance. A couple of months ago he went in to the doc for a routine check up 6 months out from his last tubes surgery. And that is when they told us his one ear drum was a little flat but he was getting over another ear infection so that was to be expected. We went in a couple weeks ago to follow up and it was still flat and he has a little flap of skin on his ear drum. For both the answer is tubes. The doc wanted him in sooner than later and so he went in 2 days later for surgery. Tubes is such an easy surgery. We didn't know what to expect recovery wise with the adenoids because the last time we he had them removed we did tonsils too. Apparently, adenoids are a fairly easy recovery. He had to recover from the anethesia and he had horrible breath and some referred pain to his ears but he went back to school on Friday after surgery on Wednesday. He was so tired after school and for the rest of the weekend that we probably shouldn't have let him go. The day after surgery he told us he can taste again. Poor kid. Who knew he couldn't taste. Anyway, he can taste, talk, hear and smell better. I am so glad it does not have to be a big deal to take care of these things on my little guys body.