Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Big brothers are so mean

So when I was a kid my brothers always told me I was adopted.  Has that been over played?  Or is it the fact that our kids know so many kids who have been adopted and it is pretty cool.  The question I have got about a week ago from Landon was, "Mom, was I born a girl?"  I told him no you were born a boy.  I could hear Brenten giggling at the table.  I could guess where he came up with this but asked anyway.  Of course he said Brenten has been telling him he was born a girl.  I told Brenten to knock it off and figured we were done with this conversation.  Landon seemed to be good with this answer. 

A few days later, Landon asked after work,  "Mom are you sure I was a boy when I was born?" I said yes I am sure.  You were a boy as was Brenten and Beckett.  Caitlin and Maci were both girls. You will always be a boy.  I asked him why he was so concerned.  He said because Brenten said because his hair was so long when he was born.  He did think it was funny that Brenten had longer hair than he did.  This is when we could name all the guys I could think of that had long hair that they would never say were girls. 

This is also when having boy/girl twins comes in handy. I then thanked Brenten for making me have this conversation with my 6 year old.

11 year anniversary!

November 16th Christian and I have been Married for 11 years.  It seems like a lot of times on our Anniversary we can't even get our for dinner.  So the fact that we actually got to go out for the whole night was so awesome.  Christian's brother and sister came down to take one the kids and we just went up to Salt lake.  It was nice to be able to get away. Thanks Philip and Paula for the night out!