Friday, January 30, 2009

BABY...are you ever coming?????

I don' t know if this baby is every coming. Okay, so that is a little dramatic. I know I am still 2 weeks away from my due date, and I am fine to wait. But if I am going to wait she has got to let me sleep. At this point, I will get more sleep with a newborn in the house than I am getting right now. For the last week or so I have been dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced. I have had a ton of contractions and a few nights of being up from 2am on with contractions to be very regular and close together (2-4 min) and fairly strong for them to stop at 7am and to apparently not do any good. I don't know if this little girl knows but I am done playing games. I am trying really hard not to be grumpy or over anxious but I am both. On a positive note, when she does finally decide to come I will be so happy/relieved to meet her. But I did say, since they put me on bedrest, that she would decide to stay in just because we wouldn't let her come out when she wanted to. It may be irony but really I think it is the Sawyer in her. We are very stubborn and don't like much to be told no when we have something set in our mind. I really hope that she has more of the laid back Christian in her or I may be in trouble.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stuck in the toilet!!!!

After church Landon went upstairs to go to the bathroom. The next thing I know Brenten is yelling down the stairs "Mom, Landon is stuck in the toilet" So, of course, I grabbed my camera and went up to rescue my poor boy, and maybe get a picture. Landon didn't know if he should cry or laugh. I was laughing so hard and he knew he should smile for the camera and then he would look away and whimper and then smile at the camera again. So finally I acted like a good mom and got him out of the toilet. He was so sad he got his Pop pops all wet (pop pops is his suit because he looks like papa)
To make it all the grosser, he had started peeing before he fell in and then continued peeing all over the bathroom after he feel in. So it was pee water all over his suit and pee all over the floor and wall. I thought I got it all cleaned up, but I was mistaken. A little later I was in my room napping when Christian came busting in trying to get his socks off as fast as possible. Apparently he was trying to be nice and use the boys bathroom (so I wouldn't wake up) when he stepped in pee. Yuck!!! I guess I should have mopped.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Doctor's appointment

I am now to the weekly appointments. I am still on bed rest until Sunday so I guess I have 3 more days. I really wanted to go to Target or something today but no luck. But at least I know it is only for 3 more days. And then the doc said that I do what ever to get this baby out. She looks great and is measuring perfect. So all that is good news. I am 50% effaced and dilated to a 2+. He seems to think she will come soon. My theory is still that as soon as she is given the green light then she will have an attitude with me and not come. But we will see. Thanks for all the support that my family and I have received.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Really Brenten a plastic bag!!!!!

Okay so I am trying to be good and sit on the couch. The boys are behind the couch playing with one of their toys. Or so I thought. This is how Brenten drags Landon to me and asks me to zip it up the rest of the way. and I said REALLY BRENTEN A PLASTIC BAG!!! Landon thought it was funny and Brenten couldn't understand why I wouldn't zip him up and he had to get out. I ruin all the fun.

Best Boys

So I haven't been outside except to get the mail. I mostly use it for an escape. However, I have felt so supportive. Our neighborhood, ward, and friends have been fantastic.

My cute boy Brenten has been one of the biggest helps. He does so much more than a 5 year old should have to. He has cleaned bathrooms (toilets too). He has emptied dishwashers and cleaned up the living room. He tells Landon "Mom can't go with you the doctor said". He cleaned up all his toys down in the basement so that I wouldn't fall. He takes all the dirty clothes down to the basement for me so I can at least wash some clothes and then he brings up the clean clothes so I can fold them and then he takes them upstairs to put away or put in our room for later. He feels so big and I am glad that he is happy to do it because it has brought a little sanity to my day. Christian makes a big deal of how much he helps each day and I am sure that is plenty of encouragement for him. Because I feel bad for how much he is doing, he has been playing at friends a lot. so this weekend I think Christian is going to take them to do something fun.

Landon tries to help but mostly he likes to get books for me to read and to snuggle. He also likes to sit with me and watch cartoons. When I tell him it is my turn to pick, he says okay and then when I change the channel he tells me my shows are not good and he likes Tarzan. But really 6 episodes of Tarzan in a row is more than I can handle.

My poor Christian has been so busy. Of course he doesn't complain or even comment on it. But I can tell. After being swamped at work, he comes home and cleans anything else that needs to be down and shovels the snow and then knows I will probably keep him up for part of the night with my figitiness.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful boys. I can't wait until I can get back to being busy and doing it myself.

Monday, January 5, 2009

what a weekend

I will start this post with what Brenten told me on Friday.
B: Mom, baby Caitlin is packing and she will be here in 2 days.
Me: oh yah
B: Yep.
Then last night he said
B: Mom, the doctor won't let the baby come but she will be here soon.
Me: Really, what do you think that the baby would need to pack?
B: Every thing Heavenly Father is teaching her and everything he says she needs to do here.
Me: Really, well maybe she will wait a little longer for us.
B: Well she just needs to learn about power lines.

Later that night....the conversation came up again when I was telling Christian what he had said
B: She needs to learn about power lines because she doesn't want to touch them on the way down because the tvs won't work.

I guess we all have prioities and I am sure Heavenly Father is concerned with our tv watching time.

Here is the middle of the story. It just goes to show when your 5 year old tells you a baby is coming in 2 days maybe we should listen. I mean he and Landon said we were having a girl before we even told them we were pregnant.

Saturday night I didn't feel the baby that much but she was moving a little. Then Sunday morning she was not moving at all and she is normally all over the place. So I ate breakfast and downed a dr. pepper. If you know me then you know that was a huge sacrafice to drink a soda. :) Anyway, I lay down on my left side for and hour and still really nothing. So I start freaking myself out and drank another soda and started getting ready for church. By this time maybe she wiggled barely once but I wasn't even certain it was her. So I thought I will go to sacrament where I am always uncomfortable and she always moves a ton then. I go in and sit for 10 minutes and still nothing and then I start freaking myself out and my husband tells me to call the hospital. I do. And they said I needed to come in and get monitored. I thought well we will start the drive in and she will start moving. Nope. This week of course Christian was supposed to be teaching Sunday school and I was supposed to be conducting and doing sharing time in primary so Christian goes around sacrament quietly and hands off my bag for primary and gets his team teacher to teach this week and then off we go.

Long story short. Baby wasn't moving because I was having contractions every 3-5 minutes. So 4 hours later 2 shots to stop the contractions and 1 pee test to make sure I didn't have a urinary tract infection (which I don't) we finally left and I was put on restrictions until next Wednesday. A week and a half until my next doc appointment. The important part is the baby is doing great and once they got the contractions to slow down she started moving like crazy and her heart beat was great the whole time. Whew!!!

To make the story better, Sunday night Landon starts throwing up. and is now camped out on the couch with his puke bowl and sprite.

I have to say how awesome our ward is. I mean when your husband is up moving around during sacrament and I leave 10 minutes after getting there, I guess it was kind of obvious something was up. But we have had so much support and we are so thankful for all of your concern.

Brenten has been my biggest helper. He went and cleaned up the basement so if I had to go down I wouldn't trip on his toys and since Landon was sick we ran(drove) to the gas station and Brenten went in and told the lady we needed sprite for his brother and then he got me a soda. Isn't he the sweetest. He thinks he is so big and I am amazed at how big of a help he is. The lady said he was a big helper so she gave him and Landon a sucker. So it was totally worth it to him and I didn't have to compromise walking around too much or trying to carry Landon in the store.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Okay here is my 4th photo in my 4th folder...
Me and Landon at Christian's work party. It was so fun. We went to Tuscany for dinner and it was delicious and then Santa came (brenten will tell you he was the Real one) Really he was an actor that did improv and he was fantastic. He did look real. Santa came with presents for each of the kids and it was a blast. Both Brenten and Landon fell as they ran up to Santa when their name was called and then jumped up as if nothing had happened. Nothing was going to get in their way of their Santa time. Landon's present was bigger than him but that didn't stop him from carrying it all by himself to the back of the room. What a great party.