Sunday, February 28, 2010

Picture Post

Jazzi came to visit while on her move to Idaho. We wish her the best of luck while starting school and getting work. Landon was soooo sleepy.
Me and my sweet Brenten.
Brenten wanted me to take a picture of one of his favorite things right now. He is so funny. He loves to leave a walkie talkie with me and then goes downstairs and sings into his. I get serenaded for hours.
Binkis are definitely Cait's favorite thing. I don't know what we are going to do when it is time to get rid of them. We don't have bottles anymore and usually that means the binkis are next. aahhhh!!! I am scared.
This is what I get for wanting to take a shower and leaving Brenten in charge for 5 minutes. Cait loved it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sick Baby

I don't know what it is about husbands leaving and kids being sick at the same time. But I definitely won't be getting any mom of the year awards for this week. Poor little Cait was acting off over the weekend but she has been so sick I didn't really think much of it until Monday night. She screamed for a 1/2 hour straight. Not a "I'm not getting my way cry" But "I'm in pain and am going to die". I felt so bad. The doctors office was closed but the insta care was open. My dilemma was that she had already thrown up in the car and I had taken it apart and it was in the wash. So I got it cleaned as fast as possible and then took her to the doc. Thanks to my neighbor girl who stayed with the boys and put them to bed. After her screaming for 2 hours. She finally calmed when they gave her numbing drops in her ears and then she fell asleep. Poor thing. Apparently the antibiotic she had just finished last Thursday didn't work and she has had an ear infection the whole time. And to make it worse they were really bad. The doctor said they were blood red. And that her throwing up and diarrhea was because she was in so much pain. (not a stomach bug I thought she had). I don't think I have ever felt so guilty. What Mom doesn't realize their baby is in that much pain. They had to give her a double dose shot of antibiotics and called in some other meds to the pharmacy. Now that it is Thursday she is finally doing much better. She is finally eating again and has stopped throwing up. It does make sense because I was waiting for the boys to get sick and they haven't. I am grateful for that.

On March 3rd, Cait is getting surgery for tubes in her ears. We are hoping it goes well and that she doesn't have so many ear problems. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cait's birthday.

Good thing christmas wasn't that long ago because Cait was a pro at opening her presents.
She loved her cake, however I thought she would dive right in. It took a long time to get this messy.
Cait's lady bug cake.

My little princess on her birthday. She had RSV on her birthday so she was pretty miserable but she was still able to enjoy her birthday. What a little trooper. Because she was sick we couldn't have people come who had little kids. We still have Aunt Paula and Uncle Phillip and our neighbor girls Malyssa and Monica.

The Kids

Cait loves the bean bag. This is what happens when Brenten is in charge of
Caitlin. She loves it.Landon's computer chair

Our new climbing wall

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Cait is ONE

It has been quite a year for my little princess. It makes me so sad that she is growing up so fast. People said that little girls are totally different. THEY WERE RIGHT!!! She already has Dad wrapped around her fingers and Brenten's too. With Cait we have a lot more pink in the house. And little girly squeals and coos. It is funny. Who knew that even as an infant they could sound so different from boys.

Here are just a few of the things Cait has endured this year:

7 ear infections
2 RSV bouts
1 pneumonia
1 bronchitis
8 teeth
2 big brothers who pick on her
lots and lots of nos
0 belly laughs (she has yet to belly laugh)

Here are a few of the fun new experiences we have had this year:

coos and giggles
new words: mama, dada, papa, (brenten is certain she says his name), yeah
2 awesome brothers who will do anything for her
rolling over
pulling herself up
walk along furniture
eating all kinds of new foods
starting to feed herself
wrestling with dad and the boys
and so many more.

We are so blessed to have little Cait in our home. She does bring a little more sweetness to our home of boys. I love my little princess.