Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two Year Well Check

As we all know, with each child's milestone also comes their well check Dr. appointments.  Maci and
Beckett went in for their and were weighed and their their height was checked.  Shocker they are still tiny. However, they both have cleared the 20lb mark.

Beckett has improved remarkably from his 18 mo appointment.  His one leg no longer drags behind and not only does he walk but he runs and jumps. He talks like crazy in full sentences and sings.  He likes to sing the ABC's.  We can even understand some of the letters.  He is happy and snugly kid how is still pretty laid back.  However, some of Maci has worn off on him.  He does not stand for his stuff being taken from him and will be ready for the battle.  He will even win once in a while.  We are still concerned about his lack of weight.  He is not on the curve yet.  Even if we adjusted for being born 4 weeks early he still isn't on the curve.  He is just the skinniest kid.  For the next 3 months, we are continuing to feed him as much calorie dense food/drink as we can. Then we will have a follow up with our doctor.  We don't even give him water.  We don't let him fill up on anything that is zero calorie. I know some people just think that our kids are skinny but my kids have not been THIS skinny.  Brenten was a super skinny kid.  When he was 3 we took out his tonsils and adenoids and that helped a ton.  He gained 6 lbs in 6 months.  Even he wasn't this skinny though.   In the meantime, we have an appointment to see if the family trend of huge tonsils and adenoids could be playing a role.

Maci is small but not near as skinny as Beckett.  She seems to be trying to self correct and gaining a little bit of weight.  She is super mobile.  She climbs everything and loves to jump.  She loves to sing and dance. When she gets her hair done she loves to run to her Daddy so he can tell her she is pretty.  I guess it starts young. She is a little more serious but I wonder a little if that isn't because she doesn't feel well a lot of the time or if that is her personality.  I love her crazy little laugh when she is mischievous.  She does have a look in her eyes that she is definitely up to something.  However, she is still not talking and the words she does say are not clear.  The poor thing hasn't been healthy yet.  She has had strep 3 times, rsv, every little cold, illness or congestion has led to ear infections.  And when she isn't sick she has had fluid on her ears.  We are concerned that her hearing isn't great.  She will be seeing an audiologist and and ENT next week as well.  Even though she doesn't talk well we all know what she wants.  She knows how to make that clear.  She is a girl on a mission.  My girls are feisty.  I don't know where they get that from. :)

At this point it looks like both Maci and Beckett are going to be left handed.  Time will tell. That would make three in our family.  Landon is a left as well.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New PR

Today I ran with Becky.  We ran an average pace of 8.09 for 5.5 miles.  And the best part.....I didn't even think I was going to die.  I got a PR without dying.  However, I don't think I could have gone faster.  

That's all. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Did you Die?

My Caitlin asks me every time she gets up and sees that I am in my workout clothes if I went to the gym or running.  If it is running, she will ask who I went with and how I did.  She has now learned, if the who is Becky Anderson she will follow with, "Did you die"?  I tell her YES but I hope one day I won't. 

Today was a run with Becky Anderson Day.  I can't say I died.  It was hard but I think it was supposed to be.  I also got another PR.  We ran 5.5 miles and the pace was 8min 15sec.  

Cait is starting to pick up a few of my local running things.  Mostly because she is showing interested.  When ever she comes home from preschool I ask her what she did, what she learned, her favorite part, etc. When we go out she asks where I run to when I go running so I have shown her where some of the trails start.  
There is a housing development at one of the, used to be trail heads.  When they first started it, Caitlin must have heard me sigh.  After that, she has commented each time we drive by,  "Mom isn't that the worst that they ruin the places you like to run."  I never really thought of myself as an environmentalist but please don't build on all the trails.