Wednesday, February 25, 2009

She Smiles!

I can't believe I got pictures of her smiling already. For the first time she smiled while wide awake and when she wasn't all gassy. Of course I couldn't get her to do it again later but I will take what I can get and was so excited to have the camera nearby. We call her Big Black from the show Rob & Big because she will only open one eye when she is on her tummy.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 weeks old

snuggle time!!!!
Meeting Aunt Paula

Today my little baby Cait is 2 weeks old. She had her 2 week appointment and is going great. She has a red line in the white of her eye that I think is weird but the doc said it will go away eventually. By now she is supposed to be at or almost to her birth weight of 7lb 8oz but she is 8lb 8oz which is great. Obviously she is a good eater. She is starting to be awake more during the day and hopefully that means she will be asleep more at night but so far she is staying the same there. She is a lot more alert and the boys love when she stares at them. Since the weather has been so nice and I have been feeling a little better, we have gone on our first couple of walks. She sleeps through them so I am saying that she loves them. The boys still love her. They both love to get their snuggle time with their little sister.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mr. Independent

My little Landon is so independent. He can do anything on his own. However, he usually leaves his pull ups to me. He is potty trained except for nap time and bedtime, when he wears a pull up. Well today at nap time I hear "Mommy I need you" I thought go to sleep but went and checked on him anyway. When I went in he was naked and there was a whole container of wipes on the floor with a little bit of brown on all of them and then he said "Look" and showed me his hands. At this point I didn't see the smears on the floor and was already getting him in the shower. I told him from now on I take care of the pull ups when there is stink in them. And he said "I do it myself Mom" What I am to say to that? I try to get them to do things for himself and now I am telling him not to do it himself.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

1 week old

Grandma and Papa Weaver came to visit.
Ready for our trip to the hospital. Everything is so big on her but still so cute.
Cait in her Bili bed.

Cait is 1 week old today and she is doing great. She is eating well and is beginning to sleep pretty well at night too. Perhaps I will get lucky three times in a row of good sleepers. She is just so peaceful and is starting to open her eyes more and beginning to be awake more. However, I still have to wake her to eat during the day about half the time. We all love her so much. The boys are great with her. I will catch both of them laying by her and talking to her. It will be fun to see them together when she is a little more reactive.

She has already given us a little drama. She wasn't every jaundice in the hospital but it peeked a little high so we had to do the bili bed. Poor thing. She cried or screamed the whole time. I don't blame her. It is like making me lay on the kitchen table in my underwear and say stay there all day and night and by the way no blankets. Fortunately the cradle it was placed in rocks so we could sit there and rock it and she would settle down a little bit. But that meant Christian and I were up all night (taking shifts) to rock her. When I would take her out to eat it was so hard to put her back in. But thankfully by the next day her level had significantly dropped so we only had to do the bed for 6 more hours and we were done. Yeah for us. Once we got her dressed and all snuggled up she was so peaceful and exhausted she just slept.
She is a tiny bit yellow still but doing so much better. We are glad we don't have to make daily trips to the hospital anymore and that we are done with that bed. I am a little bummed because my mom was here for a whole week and I didn't get any picts of her with the boys or with Cait. I guess I was more out of it than I thought. I would never miss a photo op.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

She's here!!!!!

Baby Cait in her first of many softball shirts. :)
Caitlin already has her Dad in trouble.

Brenten and baby Cait. He can't get enough of her. I think he would hold her all day if we let him.

Landon is doing much better than we expected and loves to talk and hold her. But we have to be ready when he is done because it will be all of a sudden and we have to be ready to catch her.

Caitlin Ann sleeping again.

Sorry for the sideways picts. I forgot to fix them. This is Cait in her outfit to leave the hospital.

My cute family

Cait at the hospital. She had her first bath and is wearing her first bows.

Aren't hospital pictures great? :( We are so excited to have Cait here and to get to know her. We love you baby Cait. (or wolf if it is Landon talking about you)

Delivery Story
Baby Cait is here. Monday Feb 2, 2009, we went into the hospital to have my water broke at 11:30am. From there things went pretty well on their own. Contractions started up slowly, but ramped up on their own. Which is great, seeing how I found out that the doctor wouldn't have given me pitocin. It was either get contractions going or have a c section. I was happy that threat didn't even have to come up. At about 3 pm I got my epidural, and was only at a 4 but by 5pm I was fully dilated and ready to meet Caitlin. But we had to wait for the doctor so at 5:28 I started pushing and by 5:29pm Caitlin Ann was here. She was 7lb 8oz and 20in long. She is doing great and is ready to figure out our world.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

no Mom of the Week award for me :(

Earlier in the week Brenten complained that his cheek was hurting but he wouldn't let me look in his mouth so I told him he probably just bit it and now there is a sore and to just eat on the other side. He didn't really same much else except for maybe a random comment here and there for two days. Then Thursday evening he was soooo whiney and couldn't stop crying. Not like him at all. But he and Landon did decide to make a fort in their room at 6am so I told him to knock it off because we had an appointment so he needed to stop crying. As he cried he said he would try. Not that he was hiding anything becuase his little face was all blotchy. But he did manage to stop crying for our short appointment and then it started back up. I thought maybe he is getting sick so I gave him some Tylenol and sent him to bed at 7:30. That night I got up with him 6 times and he was crying and awake the whole night. This is not like him. Even if he has the flu he pretty much takes care of himself at night. Finally the 6th time, I told him "Brenten I am sorry you are not sleeping but you are killing me. I really need some sleep. Please stop crying." (you know because it is all about me) The next morning we get up and go down stairs and I go to get the boys breakfast and then I noticed that the right side of his face is double in size. I mean it was huge. And he couldn't even smile on that side. I couldn't find any sores or bites or anything. It was just so swollen and now he is complaining that his teeth hurt too. I was able to get him into the quick care so we hurried into the doc. Turns out the poor thing has a sinus infection that has settled in his maxillary sinus (upper cheek) and that is why he is so swollen. Now he is antibiotics and the swelling is starting to come down and he is at least sleeping at night. It was so weird though, no fever and he hasn't been sick. I was relieved to know it isn't contagious so it won't effect him getting to hold the new baby. The doc said he should be feeling much better by Monday. He is really a trooper. He is doing very well even though it must be annoying to have half his face so big.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I haven't been the best about updating on the pregnancy status but that is because I am grumpy and don't want to come across as bitter and I am thinking that is exactly what will happen. I asked Landon yesterday to ask Caitlin if she was coming out today. He asked (into the belly button) and he looked at me and said, "Caitlin said no she's fine." I am now done asking Landon on the status of Caitlin's arrival since I don't seem to get the answer I want.

Wednesday marked the day that I have officially been my longest pregnancy. Even though my due date hasn't come yet that was a little hard mentally. I had a rough week but am doing a little better today. I guess that is because the end is finally in sight. I went to the doc today, and still no change. (A 3 and 80%) That is with contractions keeping me up for 6 + hours a night more nights than not. And that is with the help of some sleep aids. He stripped my membranes and hopefully that will get things going and then I am scheduled to have the baby on Monday if she doesn't come before then. I can't be induced since I am a VBAC, so they will be breaking my water. From there we are expecting I will have contractions and if I have any contractions at all they can augment (they can give pitocin to keep them coming) . If I don't have any contractions then I will have to have a c-section.

That is pretty much all I know. Oh and my mom is coming this weekend so I am excited for her to come and help us out. The boys are excited for Caitlin and for Grandma.