Saturday, June 28, 2008


Bubbles are saving our lives this summer. It seems it is great for a wide range of ages and so so cheap to do. Brenten is getting pretty good at making the big bubbles and Landon is doing better at not getting the soap in his mouth.

My boys

Today I was at Smith's buying some groceries for tomorrow nights dinner. I must have looked tired as I waited at the deli and I asked Brenten to sit down in the cart for the millionth time. This lady said to me, "Aren't boys just so busy" Just as she said that Brenten sat in the cart and both Brenten and landon Loudly sang I am a Child of God. The lady continued "and that is why they are so worth it." My boys are so cute and sweet. They may be busy but they are thriving and happy and just the best boys ever. I don't think I could ask for a better family.

Boys are gross

Thanks for the suggestions even the ones by email. I have had some good temporary fixes and some potty training ideas. However, Landon definitely has a mind of his own. I don't know if I should have knocked on wood or what but I definitely jinked myself. He has now decided that on occasion he likes to play in his diaper. That is when I am awoken by my Brenten saying "Mom we have a problem" Duck tape may be the answer. And I have heard of putting the full jammies on backwards. Wish me luck.

Computer problems!!!!!

I have been without a computer for about a week now. We took our laptop to Best Buy to get the fan fixed before our warranty expires next month. The geek squad is soooo helpful that when I asked about a time frame of when we could get it back, I was told 1 -5 weeks. What kind of time frame is that? How would they like to hear oh yes I will pay for that TV any where from 1 day to 25 days from now. That would never fly but of course I said okay and left my precious computer with them. I was okay with it becuase we had an older computer that was given to us, so at least we could still have internet.

The first night we were trying to use it the computer broke. It is dead. This is when the panick and withdrawls began. What was I to do? I am on the computer. How am I to check my email and my blogs. And I do all my banking and bills on line. It is getting rediculous.

The positive is I finally found the library in our little town. It is probably the smallest library I have ever seen but they claimed they just moved from a 12x12 building so I guess anything feels big from that. My kids were all excited to find new books. Luckily for me. The library is so small that I can use a computer and still see the boys at anyplace in the library.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pony Express Days

It was the summer carnival days here a couple of weeks ago. It was so fun. Apparently part of the original pony express ran through our little town, hence the name pony express days. We had so much fun going to the carnival that was literally two blocks away. It was just far away not to have cars parked on our block but close enough we could walk to the carnival. I am glad they are young enough to be content to go on the cheaper/safer rides. They also had a parade and the boys got way too much candy. The first time someone threw candy to Landon it hit his foot and he stared the girl down. Once he realized what it was that was being thrown at him he was much more excited. Brenten was all pumped up to get the candy. He remembers a parade from last year. It was colder than we expected so the boys are wearing our jackets.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Dilema

okay I need help. Any ideas from anyone would be great. My sweet little Landon is just barely 2 years old. He is definitely ready to potty train. All the cues are there. He can tell him if he has gone. He wants to wear roos (that's what we call underwear). He doesn't have a problem sitting on his potty. I have tried everything; candy, read him books so he will sit there longer, I run water, and I have set the timer so he tries every ten minutes. Every time he says he has to go and then he gets stage fright.

Now normally I would figure for a boy he really isn't that old but the story gets better.

Even though he sits on the potty every ten minutes and nothing happens. He waits for one of two things. A meal time so he can pee at the table or two he will wait until I put a diaper back on him for nap time. Then when he is there by himself he will completely strip down and pee or poo all over. It is ridiculous. Really I need help. If he could get over his stage fright I wouldn't have to worry so much at nap time anymore.

This is definitely a first for me. It is true when they say each kid is different. Brenten never did anything like this.

HELP!!!! Any advise. If you think I am joking you are welcome to be the next to get Landon up from his nap tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Story

Okay so I am finally starting a blog. I have been so hesitant because I have no idea what I am doing and because well I am not a great writer. If you are looking for some fluid and witty stories, this is not the place for you. But I am pretty good at talking about my boys....Christian, Brenten and Landon. So I thought I would give it a try.

Christian: I am so proud of him. He has been so busy and is still the best family man ever. He is seriously the best husband and father to my children I could ask for. Before he met me he was going to school at BYU for industrial design. He did an internship in Japan which is also where he served his mission. He is all about the outdoors and soccer. He has taught me to rock climb. (If it wasn't for me, he would probably be sleeping on the side of a cliff somewhere about 300 meters up from the ground and would be completely content. Sorry babe you got me instead.)

Me: I graduated from BYU in Athletic Training and it was the best major in the whole world. I worked in my field for 4 years after graduating and loved it. Even though I don't "work" as an athletic trainer I have had many opportunities to do practice my skills thanks to all those nights at church ball.

We met: Christian and I met in a student ward just after I graduated in April of 2001. He and his friend Brock were assigned as our home teachers. Its funny because typically I didn't date guys from my wards. The two of them told hilarious stories that usually made Christian look good and Brock in the emergency room. Christian asked me out and things went very quickly from there. We probably would have dated longer but my parents were in the MTC and were going to be leaving for Russia on their mission. So Christian went to them to ask for their permission. If I remember the story right Christian was then told by my parents ALL of my faults for a good 30 minutes. Fortunately he didn't hold those faults against me. A couple of months after we started dating Christian and I went to the Oregon coast and then as soon as we got back we went to St. George and went on a 10 mile hike with my sister, his brother, and Brock. I didn't think anything of it. Once we got to a spot with some waterfalls, Christian asked me to marry him. I was so surprised. And of course I said yes. 2 1/2 months later (with my parents in Russia) we got married.

Since the honeymoon: Since we got married, I worked and Christian worked and went to school. To hurry up the graduation process he changed to an Art Teaching major. We had a baby boy just short of being married 2 years. After which, we moved to Vegas where Christian taught at an "at risk school". It was so scary there and even scarier with a baby. We only made it a year there, so Christian went back to school. I was happy to be out of there. We moved to Idaho where Christian received his MBA with a 3.98 . One A- What a rip off. While we were at Boise State we had baby boy #2, Landon. Christian graduated December 2007 and was named MBA student of the year. It was quite an honor. In February he got a job in Utah and we moved out here and bought our first house and we love everything that has come our way so far.

Brenten: In November 2003, Brenten was born. His labor was pretty scary. Partially because he was our first and we had no idea what was going on and no idea what to ask the professionals. I was induced 2 weeks early because my blood pressure had risen really fast. As things progressed, Brenten's heart rate would drop. At first the nurses weren't concerned because his heart rate would come back on its own. When it came time to push his heart rate dropped into the 70's and they couldn't get it to come back up, so they rushed me to the OR. Since I could move myself to the operating table, they had to knock me out. This also meant that Christian couldn't be in the room. Nobody told Christian what was going on. It was crazy. They had Brenten out in 2 minutes and his heart rate came right back up and he was peeing on the doctor (so i heard). Thankfully there were no problems with Brenten. Unfortunately, neither Christian no I were able to see our first baby born. I actually don't remember seeing him for the first time because the drugs messed me up so bad. Brenten is now 4 1/2 and is incredible. He wants to be spider man when he grows up. He is my rule follower. He always wants to do what is right. Now that doesn't mean that he always listens. He is becoming more of a dare devil. He will jump/climb almost anything. He loves to play sports and loves to learn. He is starting to read some very beginner books. He also loves to play with his friends.

Landon : In April of 2006, Landon came into our lives. Luckily his delivery had much less excitement. However, with him I now can say I was in labor on my birthday. I was still able enjoy my birthday. Christian took me out to dinner and then he took me to the mall to get gift cards to my favorite stores so that I could go shopping after I had the baby. The nurses at the hospital were very impressed with his gift choice. Because I had a c-section with Brenten I was considered a high risk delivery. It was great. I had someone in there all the time. My doctor had to be in the hospital the whole time. It helped to make us more comfortable with the situation. Our experience with Landon was so much better. One we were both there and awake for it and two it went fairly smoothly. Don't get me wrong. I am not one of those people who thinks that labor/delivery is this glorious and beautiful moment in our lives. Are you kidding. What is beautiful about crazy amounts of pain, sweat, throw up and blood. There is nothing glorious about pushing a human being out of your body. However, it is the best experience ever when Landon was handed to me for the first time. Now Landon is 2 years old. He is full of life and thinks he is sooo funny. He runs, jumps, and is starting to talk a ton. He knows what he wants and isn't very patient about it. (he must get that from me) He is also my snuggler. He loves to get his blanket and snuggle on the couch.
I love my family. They are the best.