Friday, August 29, 2008

100 things you didn't need to know

You should do this too because it would be fun and I want to read yours.

1. I have to eat cinnamon rolls in a spiral (no way I can just take a bite)
2. Christian has to have the sheet and blankets straight (completely) or he can't sleep
3. I can sleep on a pile of blankets and one kind of around me and be fine.
4. I have always loved school even high school
5. Christian hated high school
6. I played all the sports
7. I was a cheerleader too.
8. Christian was a skater
9. And a soccer player
10. He is the one who played a college sport
11. soccer at Dixie
12. I hate when things aren't symmetrical
13. I love having a clean home.
14. I hate clutter
15. I love to make lists
16. I cut coupons
17. And hardly ever use them
18. It drives christian crazy that I have a drawer filled with coupons.
19. I love to be in shape
20. I love the smell of Lysol wipes. (mmm... clean)
21. Christian got me into skateboarding
22. His parents bought me a long board for our 1st Christmas together
23. I love it.
24. I have 7 siblings
25. 3 with red hair
26. 1 with black
27. 2 with blond
28. Christan used to have red hair
29. Christian has had A LOT of skin cancer.
30. Some pretty bad and have really freaked us out.
31. He calls them sun spots to people so to lessen what they really are.
32. I used to rock climb 3 times a week. (Before babies)
33. I love bouldering.
34. I am terrified of heights.
35. Christian's biggest injuries climbing injuries have been from the approach to the cliff
36. not actually climbing.
37. I am pregnant with my 3rd baby.
38. It is due on the 15th of February
39. It better not be a Valentines baby because I will die if it waits that long.
40. I think I would die if the baby waits that long.
41. Christian is only buying black and white t shirts right now.
42. I saw a black widow spider for the first time in my whole life yesterday.
43. I am a total planner
44. I get very anxious if things don't go as planned
45. I love Dr. Pepper and Mt Dew (sorry mom)
46. I love to go places and do things
47. My husband would rather stay at home.
48. I love to meet new people and can usually be friends with everyone.
49. Christian is very non social and he has to force himself to meet new people.
50. I hate speaking in front of groups even in primary.
51. It makes me want to throw up.
52. I feel that because my major was Athletic Training that I have an obligation to be in shape or be working toward it. (to be a little athletic)
53. It drives me crazy that boys can to pick up games of basketball at the gym, but if you ask if there are any girl pick up times everyone looks at me confused.
54. I love Halloween.
55. but only since i have had kids.
56. I have not dressed up for Halloween since I turned 12.
57. I feel ridiculous just thinking about dressing up.
58. I don't like to stand out.
59. I love rec league softball.
60. I love my team (good job Mel)
61. I love when Brenten tells me his best friend is Landon.
62. I love even more when Brenten tells me he was excited to see me when he came out of my belly.
63. Talking back is my biggest annoyance right now.
64. I love (probably more than I should) when people say that Brenten is really well behaved in church.
65. I have always believed that you can be happy living anywhere as long as you have a good attitude.
66. Even Vegas. We had a good experience and learned a lot but definitely don't intend to move back.
67. I think I get more excited than my kids when they learn something new.
68. I cry on all their birthdays.
69. I get really anxious for my kids to potty train because the cost of diapers is a rip off
70. I breast feed only because of the cost of formula.
71. I feel more of a bond with a bottle.
72. My kids get their teeth freakishly early.
73. Brenten had 4 teeth by his 2 month check (all they way in )
74. And Landon had 2 teeth by his 2 month check up.
75. I call it the curse of the weaver genes.
76. Christian had teeth (real teeth) by 2 weeks and he had an aunt who was born with them.
77. I think it looks funny when babies don't have teeth since I am so used to them with them
78. I think I only dream when i am pregnant.
79. Then I have crazy vivid dreams that seem so real and may even cause me to yell at my husband (in my sleep) and call him things like a poo poo head
80. My husband thinks it is funny I can try and yell at him in my sleep so he will egg it on.
81. I love walks in the evenings with my family.
82. For about a year I made my husband tell me he was proud of me each time I worked out.
83. Now he loves to tell me how proud he is when i go.
84. If I don't work out consistently I get migraine every other day.
85. If i do work out I will only get one a month. - the best medicine
86. I have never looked in the mirror and thought I looked great.
87. Not even in high school when I was 107 lb and worked out 4 hours a day.
88. I still thought I was fat.
89. I don't really like salad.
90. I eat it because it seems healthy
91. I love hamburgers with lots of stuff on them
92. I crave Red Robin all the time. And will only order their BLTA minus the tomato. And Christian laughs every time I order it.
93. I have craved coffee every time I was pregnant. To the point of day dreaming about knocking down a stranger to take theirs. Yum. But have not had any with the 3 pregnancies.
94. I consider it a blessing that my biggest craving is something that I know I won't have.
95. i love skim milk with ice in it in the summer.
96. My boys all drink whole milk.
97. It completely grosses me out.
98. I refuse to eat at Blimpies because of the name.
99. I love to make my father in law laugh. I find it to be quite the accomplishment.
100. I can make my Dad laugh at any given time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

working out

So I am trying so hard to stay active and to workout through this pregnancy. I am really excited to see if there are differences. There are all ready differences with this pregnancy but there are too many variables to decide if it is all due to exercise. But I am especially interested to see if there is a difference with my labor and recovery. The other day when I didn't feel well and needed a little motivation to get to the gym and I found this and thought I should share it with some of my friends who are trying to get in shape or stay in shape.

It was an advertisement, probably for a running shoe or something but once I saw it I cut it out and put it on the fridge.

I Run....
for me
for sanity
for fun
for health
for companionship
for solidarity
for my body
for a better life
for clarity
for he sheer joy
for the love of my body.
Then I add my own...
to feel good about myself
to mark something off my list
to be a better me
to be a better mom
to be a better wife
to be happier

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Finally......Landon has peed on the potty. This is a huge deal for the last couple of months he has wanted to wear "roos" (what we call underwear) and he has either peed in them or held it until nap or bedtime to do his business, but not today. Today he had no accidents and then right before nap time I had try. And he was so excited and started squealing. Brenten came down and sang the pee pee song and they danced. It was so cute. Landon said "wahoo" all they way to bed. It was awesome. He has wanted to wear pull ups to bed but we told him not until he can pee in the potty so he got to put him on for nap. This was better than Christmas.

Okay I know this means we are no where near the point of no diapers but this is a huge victory in my book an this little post is to remind me later this week when we are less successful.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Doctor Appointment #2

Yesterday I had my second doctor's appointment. It was the first one that I took the boys to. Brenten was so excited that it was for me and not for him. Landon on the other hand was a little bit of a mess. He didn't through a fit but he was clingy and whiny. He kept telling me to get off the table. Brenten thinks it's funny that you have to pee in a cup and he thinks it is cool that I get to get weighed just like he does when he goes to the doctor.

As soon as the doctor came in Brenten informed him, "It is going to be a girl because he needs a sister and he is going to call her wolf because she is going to be a gladiator." The doctor just laughed. Brenten and I have talked that it could be a boy and his answer is always, "but it's not because it is a girl".

Anyway, the doctor's appointment was short and sweet. I have lost 3 lbs since my last appointment. I attribute it to me working out this time around because I am really not throwing up that much. The doc said it was okay as long as by the next time I have gained weight. The heartbeat sounded great. And Brenten likes to tell everyone that he got to hear the baby's heartbeat. That was the only time we were there that Landon stopped whining so I think he thought it was neat too.

I think I have written enough since it will take you longer to read this than I spent in my appointment.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I love the Olympics

I absolutely love the Olympics and get into them every time. This year for the first time we have dvr so I have been able to record all them and so I don't have to miss anything. My favorites are Gymnastics and Beach Volleyball. But of course I have gotten into swimming and the Phelps' saga. And now running is starting. Christian is excited to watch all the soccer. I can get into any of it except I don't really get fencing or how badminton has become an Olympic sport. Explain if you get it. My little Landon would like you all do know that he is better at age 2 than any of those elite athletes. He can run faster, jump higher, and hit harder. You name it he can do it. :) How nice would it be to be so self confident. I would love to hear what your favorite events have been.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is Skim Boarding?

So I have had a few people made comments that they have no idea what skim boarding is and have never heard of it. It is so fun and you are missing out. It is done on oceans and some rivers or creeks. there just has to be a smooth surface (sand) and a skim of water. You run and throw this board out on the skim of the water and jump on it and then try and do tricks. You can do any tricks you can do on a skateboard. You can even go into the waves and do tricks. Well good people can and Christian was starting to at the end of our trip. My goal was just to jump on and be able to ride for a little bit. No tricks for this girl. We sometimes skim board on the Virgin River in St. George when the water is really low. It is nice there because it doesn't even hurt when you fall because the sand is so soft.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last of the pictures

Me attempting to skim board.
The sea lions on the docks. They sun bath and bark all day long on these docks.

More Pictures

Landon and me at Mo's. So yummy. They boys are amazing because they will try new things. They had clam strips and loved them. They are seafood eaters like their Dad.
Brenten and Christian at Mo's.
Landon eating his popcorn. The boys thought it was great that they could get hot chocoloate and popcorn from the front office of the hotel everyday.
Christian skim boarding.
At cobble beach where we tried to tide pool. Even with the fog it is sooo pretty. Did I mention i love the oregon coast.

Pictures of our trip

Multnomah Falls. We got to stop there on the way back. Again a potty break. But who knew at 8:30am on a weekday the falls are empty. That is when I should have taken pictures. Oh well.
I made them do family pictures. This is the best one but not bad for two tired boys staring at the sun and looking at a blinking light on the camera. Christian is such a trooper.
Brenten and Landon at the aquarium.
Landon doing what he does best.....digging and making a mess. We made a castle one day but no picture because I was afraid of getting sand in the camera.

Brenten hauling water from the ocean. I think he had the best time. Hopefully he will be able to remember this trip.

Our first family vacation-Newport Oregon

This was our first real family vacation. The reason for the vacation besides that it was much needed was that my niece was getting married in the Portland Temple and I told Christian hey if we are already going to be in Portland why don't we go to the Oregon Coast. I couldn't believe I didn't even have to try to convince him.

We couldn't leave until Friday Christian got off work and with 2 little ones and me pregnant there was no way we could have made it to the wedding. I don't know what I was thinking. We would have had to literally drive all night. My body couldn't have handled it. So we stayed the night at my parents house (almost half way) and then we got up early and kept driving. I was pretty bummed we didn't make it to Sam and Andy's wedding. (sorry guys.....I better get to see all the picts though and I better hear all about it)

Saturday we continued our drive. Luckily Landon needed a serious diaper change just before Multnomah Falls. So we had to stop. And since we were there already we might as well go look at the falls too. I miss Oregon. It was so beautiful and breathtaking, even if there were way too many people there. We got to the coast at about 6pm that evening and I wish I had pictures of the drive. Brenten would get so excited for the tree tunnels. Once we were there we checked in and ordered pizza. Lets just say that Abby's Legendary Pizza is only legendary if legendary means gross. But the boys didn't care. Then we went down to the beach. And we even got the boys go get a little wet. Landon pretends to run toward a wave and then would run so far from it like he was running for his life. Our hotel was great. We could see the ocean from our window.

Then we took the boys swimming in the pool. Landon was so cold from the Ocean that even at the pool he shivered.

Sunday we got up and went to look at some shops. The surf shop we were looking for was closed so we went to the Oregon Aquarium. It is a great aquarium with all kinds of exhibits and sea animals. But we could only get the boys to touch animals in the touch tank once. After that the surf shop opened and we bought Christian a skim board. Landon and I had a nap and Brenten and Christian headed for the beach. Landon and I followed after nap time. We took down the sand buckets and shovels. The boys were in heaven. Between the water and the sand the boys would have been happy to never leave. Christian and I skimmed boarded for a couple of hours. I was really cautious. I really didn't think I should take a fall (which I didn't) but it was lots of fun and by the end I was getting the hang of it. Christian even got to the point of going into the waves. For dinner we went to the famous Mo's. Famous for their clam chowder. Now I don't do sea food but their clam chowder is so good. And I got to go shopping after dinner and I bought salt water taffy. It is so yummy.

Monday was more of the beach. it was so foggy but really the weather was still great. We tide pooled a little bit and we saw crabs, starfish, hermit crabs, sand crabs (which were actually pelting the skim board when Christian was skim boarding), and other sea creatures that I don't know the names. then we did more digging and more playing in the water. We took a break for lunch and then we went to the lighthouse. Unfortunately we couldn't go to the top because Landon was too small. We tried tide pooling at cobble beach too but really the tide needed to be out further. But it was still fun and so pretty. From our bed that morning we saw 4 or 5 dolphins playing the water and a grey whale shooting water out of his spout. I was pretty impressed. After the lighthouse landon fell asleep in the car so we drove up the coast. And that ended up more shopping for me. WAHOO!!! And then we came back played on the beach. We went to IZZY's for dinner. It is a pizza buffet place in Oregon. This was the place that my mom would take me to when we would go to Portland. It was a little reminiscent. After dinner we went swimming and by the end we were all wiped out.

Tuesday morning we got the boys out of bed and we started the 16 hour drive back home. Unfortunately I made it a little longer. Normally I take a 1/2 a unisom at night and it really controls my morning sickness. Well I forgot and we all paid for it. At every stop I had to throw up and Brenten was sure to tell people in the bathrooms that the baby makes his mom sick. It made for a long trip home. Christian drove all but 2 hours and the boys didn't get hardly any attention from me. But thankfully they were great. They were all troopers.

We all made it home safe and I have had my unisom so i am doing much better and the boys were so exhausted that they slept until 10:30 this morning.

It was a great first vacation. Oh Yah and did I mention I LOVE OREGON!!!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm only happy when it rains

Brenten is so funny. It is Augus and it finally decides to give us a rain storm here and what does Brenten think he needs most.......his snow boots. My cute boy!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

fun with my family

So now that our house is fixed we have had some fun. We went to chuck e cheese for Brenten's friends birthday. They had so much fun. We all did. Brenten could have played foosball the whole time.
The 3rd picture was Landon after he got bit by another kid at the gym. I went in to pick him up from the day care and they told me they tried to find me and that I needed to sign an accident report. I am thankful there was no blood or broken bones. But apparently some other kid bit Landon. Landon just says a "kid eats arm". He was pretty annoyed. My kids are not bitters so I don't understand this at all. But all is well and he is still excited to go to the gym.
4th pict is the boys after getting their hair cut. Christian does a great job. Brenten has been wanting to do a mo hawk for some time and I have been telling him it is too long. So finally I got my way and they are my handsome boys again. Not my little punks. :)
This weekend we did game night with our friends. We had so much fun with the Christensens. And we turned it into fondue night too. The kids loved it and so did we.
Then yesterday Christian and I went on our first date since we moved here and our first time paying for a babysitter. And it was wonderful. Our babysitter was the best. The house was clean and the boys were in bed when we got home. Brenten and landon said they had lots of fun too. We went to see Batman, which was so good but creepy too. I didn't realize how much I needed to go out with him with out the kids. Thanks Mel and Jason for letting us crash your date.