Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sweetest Thing

I told Christian early on that when one of the babies do something new he either needs to take a picture or let me believe I am seeing it for the first time.  Our lives are a little more than hectic. It has been crazy at our house.  I work a more typical work day and am running into some overtime.  And Christian works from noon until who knows when.  He isn't the best at getting the camera out in the morning.  He is just trying to get things done in the morning.  So the picture thing isn't happening. 

About a week ago I get a call when he was on his way to work.  He said they had physical therapy for the twins and it went well.  I should really work with Beckett on coming down the stairs he is getting so close and he thinks he will get it if I just work with him a little that evening.  I told him I would.

That night came but I had plans with the kids right after I got home from work and by the time we all got home it was a night Christian was getting home early.  And his Uncle and cousins were coming over for their yearly Christmas visit. I asked Brenten to work with him. (Brenten could be a PT one day).

Once Christian's family left he asked if I worked with Beckett yet.  I told him no, but Brenten did.  He offered to put all the kids in bed and I needed to stay up and work with Beckett before we put them in bed.  I thought it was so funny he was so insistent.  So I did what the therapist showed us.  I threw the ball up the stairs for him to go get.  He went after it.  We are then supposed to roll the ball down the stairs for him to watch it go down and follow it as he goes after it.  Its so he can learn to look down both to his right and left.  (Back to his torticollis issues) Instead, he gets to the ball, throws it down and slides after it on his own.  It is obvious he has come down the stairs a few times during the day and is starting to get comfortable.

I thought it was so sweet that Christian was trying to let me believe that I was seeing it first. I guess he earned a couple of bonus points. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christian's Bday

A couple of days before Christian's birthday he got a phone call and was asked if he wanted to do a little canyoneering in Kolob.  This is a trip he has been wanting to do, but it is tricky to get a permit due to water levels and safety.  So now that it looked like it was going to finally work out how could I tell him no.  So we dug up a couple of wet suits, celebrated the twins 1st birthday and sent him on his way. 

Things didn't go exactly the way he planned.  They stayed Christian's parents cabin and woke up to quite a bit of SNOW.  Not good.  This was not really expected in early October.  And the run off into Kolob meant the water was going to be high and fast so that meant their initial plan was out. Then aparently there was some convention down in Zions so every permit was taken.  They had to find a canyon that was outside of Zions.

They ended up doing Fat Mans Misery and had a great time.  Now I like to say he spent is birthday in Fat Mans Misery.  

Halloween 2012

My work has all the families come down and do trick or treating at the office and then everyone gets to vote on the employees costumes as well.  Christian is a trooper for dressing up all the kids and bringing them all the way to South Provo.

Maci Cat the little leopard

Beckett the Tiger-  grrr

The Weaver kids

Brenten the white ninja

Caitlin the little witch

Landon the Black ninja

I just love that Landon grabbed Caitlin's hand.  He took care of her the whole night.  He is such a sweetie. Or was he just keeping her from crying so he could hurry up and get more candy?  Either way I love him.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Subway/Kolob

Christian and one of his climbing buddies thought it would be fun if our softball team would go to Zions and hike the Subway together.  Christian started getting it together.  We put in for the lotto drawing and we got it.  And then we started planning.  It was awesome.  All of us got to go except for Jason.  Unfortunately he had to work.

My mom was awesome and came for a visit to watch the kids.  Christian and I took off and met up with everyone else.  We took two cars for the 12 of us and headed to Kolob.  We stayed at the cabin.  Well 6 of us stayed at the cabin and then one of our friends has a big camper and the other 6 stayed in that.  It actually worked out great.  We had dinner and hung out that night.

The next morning we headed out.  I will let the pictures tell the rest.

Mike's expression says just how cold the water was.

The Twins Are One

I was told when the twins were born that once they turned one it gets easier.  haha.  Who ever told me that was full of it.  However, they are totally worth it.  Who couldn't love these little faces?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

1 year well visit

10/23/12- Maci is still in the 1% in weight at 16.81lbs.  And Beckett in the 0% at 17.2lb.  It is funny because people say that they aren't surprised that they are so tiny because Christian and I aren't that big.  Well our babies usually are.  They get so chunky.  And then they don't get any fatter from about 1 until they are 2 or 3.  They just get taller.  Do you see my concern?  I can't have a 16lb 2 year old.  They will be so tiny.  :)  I am sure they will get bigger.  No really,  in some ways I like that they are small since I am gone so much.  They get to be my tiny babies a little bit longer. 

The doctor said we are doing a good job with Beckett's PT and they are both starting to catch up.  We are continuing with Kids on the Move and doing at home PT the best we can. 

Since they are so tiny we will go back to the dr for another well visit at 15 mo.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We're in this Together

Sunday Night Christian had Brenten up on the stool and he was ready to buzz his head.   Just a normal haircut.  The boys prefer their hair in such a way that they don't have to comb their hair.  I can't say I blame them.  Christian did the first two big strips up the back of Brenten's head when I walked in, and I gasped.  Christian had not put on a gaurd.  So, essentially Brenten was going bald.  Christian mouthed a few choice words.  There wasn't any thing we could do so he continued on.  And we spent the next five minutes telling Brenten how awesome it was going to be.   Brenten was a real trooper.  He just told us how much hair was being cut off and how funny it felt.  Then he went off to take a shower.

-Just shows how tired Christian has been.  We are exhausted. 

Then it was Landon's turn.  Christian wasn't really paying attention as little Landon was jumping up on the stool and saying, "My friends are going to my fun of me but oh well."  This time Christian put the guard on the clippers and went to town.  When he finished up Landon felt his hair and said, "Why isn't it short?"  Christian asked him if he really wanted it like Brenten's.  And he said, "No, not really.  But if Brenten has to look like that then I will look like that because we are in this together."  So now both of my little men are sporting a new hair due.

Christian and I always say that no matter our trials, I will take ours because at least we have each other and we are in this together.  I don't know how people do it who don't have the support of their family. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Caitlin started preschool this year.  She goes to school with her friend Avery.  She goes to Miss Ari's preschool and loves it so much. And so do we.  She is not near as bored at home which means her room is not near as trashed.  Yea for us.  We love Miss Ari.
The boys were so excited to start school .  Landon may have said this is like Christmas.  I'm glad he still feels this way. However, by day 3 Landon was so tired that he said he didn't really like learning that much so could he just go back to bed.  The poor kid really does like his sleep.

I think Brenten was excited to hang out with this friends.  Our life has been a little crazy so I don't think he has gotten to hang out with his friends as much as he would have liked. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Vigor 13.1....My 1st 1/2 Marathon

Breakfast after

Me and my friend Chels before our race.

Chelsea and me after the race with the rest of the girls.  The other girls volunteered at mile 6 and then they came to the end to see us finish.  Aren't they awesome.

Mandy (she organized the race) me and Chels.  Waiting for the bus to take us to the starting line.

Sept 8, 2012......  I ran my first 1/2 marathon and my 3rd race ever.  Kind of funny before this summer I was ANTI race.  I liked being in shape but I figured aside from having good shoes running should be free.  Ok well, I am a believer.  I love races.  First, I train so much harder.  So that is great. And I have started running with friends and surprisingly, I really like it.  I didn't think I would like it but I really do.

My first half was the Vigor 13.1.  We ran down Big Cotton Wood Canyon.  It is so beautiful.  My friend Mandy organized the race.  And I ran with my friend Chelsea.  There were some kinks in the road. Chelsea developed plantar fasitis the Thursday before the race and we had been working to get that feeling better.   We questioned whether she should even run.  She decided it was a little better and that she would try.  So she did.  We were killing it.  We were running 8.5 min miles.  until miled 6 and just after that her knee popped and then it was killing her.  From there on she was limping/hobbling, the rest of the way.  We had talked if she should stop but she wanted to finish.  She told me I should go on without her but I didn't want to leave her.  So we just slowed our pace.  My thought was, I have never ran a 1/2 before so no matter what I will get a PR (personal record).  So that is what we did.  We slowed up.  Ironic since I was expecting her to be my support for this race and I ended up being hers.  When it would get a bit hard or painful I would come up with random stories or facts (maybe not so factual).  My hope was to distract her a bit.  Our only goal was to not be picked up by the sweeper van.  We did it.  We actually averaged 9:44 miles. And finished in 2:07.  Not bad for my running partner having two bad limbs. 

I had a great experience and I felt awesome.  I wish Chels did.  But she did finish.  I guess races aren't supposed to go exactly as planned anyway right?

Picts from Epic

Van 1 and Van 2

Our Safety Gear for Night Running

Our Van 

Pre Race Breakfast

Our Van ready to go

Team ready to go

Sandra and Me

Support!  When another girl is running it was HOT so we spray them with water and give them water to drink and gu to eat.  YUM!

We got our calves spray painted by a nice Ultra runner.