Monday, September 23, 2013

Some more running

I have had a few more runs, but Saturday's was by far my most exciting.  I went out with people who were way out of my league.  They have the ability to run so much faster than I do.  They were nice enough to let me run with them and they already had it planned to not be one of their fastest days.

I started out great with them.  About 4 miles in I thought,  hmm I wonder how long I can keep this pace.  We got to 5 and I thought we would be turning around and we kept going.  I thought oh no.  But I was doing ok.  It was hard but I was alright.  Becky and Jenni were doing just fine.  I think it was a breeze for them.  We turned around at mile 6.  Whew.  On the way home and about 3 miles left.  I was tired, and my knee was getting tight. But I did make it.

I hope they let me tag along on a few more of their runs.  Maybe one of these days they will even be able to throw in some hills.

We ended up with a 12 mile run.  It took us 1 hour 43min and 23 sec.  The average pace is 8min 36 sec per mile.

little funny things

Kids really say the funniest things.  I wish I would have written more of them down. I love to just listen.

At breakfast the other day..

Caitlin:  I had the worst nightmare last night.  It was so scary.
Landon:  That was because I stole your Dream.  I dreamt about My Little Ponies.
Caitlin:  Quit stealing all my good dreams Landon.  That isn't nice.
(I had to explain that it was a joke and that he couldn't have taken any of her good dreams)

Brenten had a friend over and they were talking about Indians. (Feathers not Dots)

Cooper: Your mom has met a real live Native American?
Brenten: Yes, she went to school with them back when she was a kid a LONG time ago.
Cooper: REALLY?
Brenten: And every year she went to where they lived and had fry bread and Salmon.

(Um...Cooper you are part Native American. A very small part. I didn't mention it though.  I just giggled)

Me: Cait I got an email from your soccer coach.  Are you excited?
Cait:  Yes.  What is my coaches name?
Me: Joe.  Coach Joe.
Cait:  Great.  I like to kiss boys named Joe.  I like to kiss boys and then kick them.
Cait:  Mom don't worry.  I will only kick them when we play soccer.

Cait:  I will never be 12 like Kaylee.  (referring to when she can start to wear makeup)  This is a comment made at least once a week.

Cait:  When will I get a baby in my tummy?
Me:  When you are 35.
Cait:  HUMPH.  I will never be that old.
Brenten:  Thank goodness Mom will never have one in her belly ever again.  RIGHT MOM.  The doctor said.

Me:  Landon didn't you just take a shower? How come your toe nails are still all dirty?  Didn't you wash your feet at all?
Landon:  I'm sure water ran over them.
Me: Landon that is gross.  You need to wash your feet with soap.
Landon:  That's a boy's life.
Landon again:  Maybe you should just trim my toe nails then I don't have to worry about it.

(Why ARE boys so gross)

Caitlin after her first day of soccer practice:  I didn't kiss or scratch anyone.  (VICTORY)

Caitlin: Why does Dad always put snaggles in my hair?  I think he does it when he sings my song at night.  It is so rude.  (We tell her it is the opposite spouse that put snaggles in.  If I have to do her hair it is Christian's fault.  If he is doing her hair it is my fault.  Caitlin has decided it is ALWAYS Christian's fault. Backfire since Christian is the one who started all this nonsense.)

Caitlin after her soccer game:  Mom you need to always keep your eyes one me (she points her two fingers at my eyes to hers) so you don't miss any of the awesomeness.

Brenten a couple of weeks ago was telling the Landon..It is the law, you can't hit girls.  You will get arrested or something.
Landon: Okay I get that but what about Caitlin, Can she hit girls?  
Brenten:  I don't really know.  I mean she will have to do time out but I don't think it is illegal.  I think that is grey.

Landon came home from school on Friday saying school was hard because his work was hard.  Brenten told him..that is what Weaver's do.  We hike hard things, we climb hard things, we run hard things, we do hard homework.  That is what we do.  You should get used to it.   (Maybe he does listen to me)

Monday, September 16, 2013


Today I hit one of my personal bests on my early morning runs.  I ran 6.3 miles in 52 min and 53 sec.  That is a pace of 8 min 23 sec people.  I am so excited.  I have been running a little over 8 1/2 min miles. This took quite a bit of time off.

I will start sharing a little more about my running on here.  Mostly because I am not on Strava. I am one of the last people on earth without a smart phone. I have heard that I can enter it manually on  there but then it doesn't really count as real scores to beat other people's scores.  In my mind, if my time doesn't count to  beat anyone then what is the point.  Yes I am a brat, I know.  Really that is what I would use strava for I think, for tracking running and for pushing myself against other people.

So sorry if this bores you.  You can skip any/all of my running posts.  Like most of my posts, this is mostly for me.

My run today I felt pretty good.  It was 58 degrees.  I usually start just after 5 am. There was lightening but it was off in the distance.  I was running on the bike trails or on the road so I had my phone, my head lamp, my mace, my gu and water.

My goal as of late, has been to get my pace anywhere under 8 min 30 sec miles.  I would even take 8 min 29 sec.  So when I figured out today's average when I got home and I felt I tried very hard but I wasn't completely dead I was so excited.  This is a complete victory.

If any runners read this...I have had this issue with my head lamp.  It is so annoying.  I have short hair so I don't wear it up and it is warm so I don't have a head band on.  Without a head band on my head lamp slide right down when I run.  I literally have a 3rd eye.  What I have resorted to is is wrapping the strap around my hand and just holding it.  Which is working but it would be nice to be hands free again for my light to not be all over the place with my arm swing.

I suppose if no one has a solution it will soon be cooler in the morning (too cold too soon) and then I will need more than my head band.

I'm back

Watch out.  I am trying to catch up on all these old posts that I have had in draft mode but just needed to add pictures to.  It is time to get caught up.  If anyone reads this, please bare with me.  There are going to be quite a few coming.

I kind of stopped for a few reasons.  One, I didn't think/know if anyone was even reading it and two, when January hits I get even busier than usual.  I decided that I don't care if anyone reads it.  I love to have it for the memories.  I love to scrapbook but by the time I get to it I forget all the little stories so this way I can keep that part. So please forgive my journal like writing skills.  I often don't have time for proofing and/or editing.  I don't claim to be a great or even good writer.  But I do want the stories and pictures together somewhere.  That way I can make them in my own little book.  I am kind of excited about that.

If anyone is reading this, I hope you enjoy.  I love my little family and all the crazy things we do.