Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Please tell me the gym at 6am is a good idea

Usually I have things ready to go and have a much better morning at the gym, but not today. This is how this morning went.

5:20 am alarm didn't go off (come to find out one cute little girl played with it yesterday)
5:30 left for the gym
6:00 at the gym and go to the cinema room to run.
I ran 4 miles and then my knee cramped up and I had to stop a couple of times. I get another mile in and then the treadmill makes a weird sound and yep I broke it. The belt or what ever came off track and I about fell off. Let me tell you it was NOT graceful. So I give up.
I went out to lift weights only to find that the size I wanted wasn't there. I did some other weights and then went to go shower.
I get out of the shower to realize that I forgot my towel. I looks around thinking what am I going to do because I am dripping wet. So I had to use my sweaty gym pants. It was gross and they are not very absorbent. I started getting dressed only to realize that I forgot clean socks. So I had to go without. It was so gross. I guess at least my feet were clean but still. So that was my day at the gym.

I did still get a good workout in but wow it did not run smoothly. Maybe I could have used that extra hour of sleep.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Great to be 8

Sorry this is more for me and my memories.

We had the opportunity to take Brenten to Great to be 8 at the stake center last night. It is so strange to see Brenten and all his friends old enough to be attending things like this. We were about 1/2 way through Brenten looked up at me and asked "am I getting baptized today" he was so excited. I almost felt bad telling him no. Then we got to walk around and see what they will wear when they are baptized and where they will be baptized and then Christian and Brenten got cake while I served cake. Christian told me later their little conversation.

Brenten "I felt the Holy Ghost today"
Chrsitian "Oh yah what did it feel like"
Brenten thought for a minute and then said "I don't know"
Christian "Did it feel hot or cold"
Brenten "Hot or warm and then my heart beat really fast"

I am so excited for Brenten to have more and more feelings of the Lord in his life.


We had a great Christmas this year. We love being able to stay at home and enjoy getting up Christmas morning in our jammies and messed up hair. I had a couple of days off work so that was nice too. We were able to get a lot of family time in. It is great. Christian made the comment to the boys that they could get up when they want to in the morning and look at their stockings but to not wake up Cait. I laughed at Christian when he said he didn't think they would get up until 7. I told him at least 6. I was even wrong. They were up at 5:45. I love to hear them squeal as they run down the stairs that Santa had come.

We had a very special year. Christian has been out of work and I had just barely started. We felt the support of neighbors and family. It was overwhelming to feel so much love around us. It gave us many opportunities to talk to the boys and to teach them of service and many other lessons that we learned this year.