Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CAIT is 2

I still can't believe my baby is 2. Too bad she thinks she is 15. (thanks to the neighbor girls). When we found out she was a girl, I didn't know what to do with a girl. Slowly I have gotten used to it. Thank goodness because she is ALL girl. Yeah she will wrestle and play cars and anything else the boys do but really she loves ponies, babies and her boots. The girl is going to be a show addict. Anything she thinks is a girl color is purple and requires a squeal of excitement. She loves skirts and having her hair "pretty". She is really talking so well. She is not necessarily a princess but more a deva. She is way to loud and demanding to be a princess. It doesn't help that Brenten will do anything for her.

For her birthday we did a small family party. She loved everything about it and sang happy happy for the rest of the week. (her rendition of happy birthday). I didn't have time to make a fun cake so I just did a chocolate one. When I got home Christian had done it all up. It looked great. He says I take away his masculinity any time I tell someone.

She got a very cool doll house my parents made for her and so we all got her little things to go in her doll house. I knew she would love it but thought maybe she was still a little young, but she LOVES it and plays with it all the time.

Date with Brenten

Brenten has been really good lately but really clingy too. I guess with Cait being angry with me gone all the time. I kind of forgot that maybe my 7 year old may be struggling too. On Sunday we were sitting in church and he has both arms wrapped around mine, head on my shoulder, and legs over lapping mine. Never mind that I had a wiggly, whiny, nap deprived 2 year old on my lap. I have to say I pulled a bad Mom moment and told him he had to get off of me. I couldn't move at all. He looked so sad. So I told him we needed to go on a date by ourselves so that we could hang out with out anyone else. He was excited. He wanted a movie or something but honestly, we don't have time for a movie. But he was happy with frozen yogurt in Saratoga Springs. So yesterday after work I got home, Brenten and I went on our date. It was so cute. He was just beaming to get to go with me all by himself. He jabbered all the way to the ice cream place. And then he opened the doors for me. Because he said "We're on a date and I am a gentleman". After ice cream we went to Walmart and looked at legos. I asked him if he was going to hold my hand and he asked, "Does Dad hold your hand when you go on dates" and I told him yep. So he held my hand. I think maybe I needed more than my little guy did. It is priceless when you can have those moments and create lasting memories.

Now I have a problem. Landon thinks we are going on a date tonight. I told him we can go next week.