Friday, March 14, 2014


So my Landon,  has always been a sweet heart.  Everyone is drawn to him.  He is just so nice to everyone.  I am starting to think this just may get him into trouble one day. 

The other day my kids saw our neighbor girl kissing her boyfriend out front of our house.  It started quite the conversation.  I didn't say anything.  I just giggled...a lot.  Brenten and Caitlin talked about how gross it was.  Caitlin even went to the door to tell her how gross but quickly lost her nerve and just said hi.  Brenten mentioned how embarrassing it would to be kissing in public like that.  He would NEVER do a thing like that.

Landon was pretty quiet. After a minute or too he pipes in with, "I wouldn't mind.  I would totally do it."  I looked over and he had a giant grin.  This is not the first time my 7 year old has talked about kissing and him wanting to be kissing. 

Should I be worried?  Because I am.

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debra said...

I love it! I'd be worried too.