Saturday, November 16, 2013

A little Scare

Bubba ended up giving us a little scare.  He stopped drinking, crying, talking, playing or even moving at this point.  He had a fever of 103 but we were able to control it with ibprofrin and tylenol.  We were told these temps are very normal for the surgery he had.  But then his temp spiked to 104.4.  He also was in the same diaper all day long and could not stay awake for anything.  His poor little lips looked so dry.

A quick call to the ENT determined that we needed to go to the ER for an IV.  Christian hadn't even left work yet.  We have a couple of the best babysitters.  I called my neighbor and Kaylee was over in just seconds and already cleaning my kitchen and getting my kids dinner.  Let's just say the kitchen was not my priority for the day.

We got to the ER and they checked him out pretty quickly and agreed with my dr's phone call decision. They got an IV started. The nurse was so awesome.  She got this on a 19lb dehydrated kid quickly and on the first try.  I mean she should seriously be put on my Christmas list.

The ER doc said yes he is obviously dehydrated and he also has an ear infection.  The irony in this is that in the tonsillectomy literature states that the pain from the throat will have referred pain to the ear.  Children will pull at or complain about ear pain but 99% of the time it is NOT an ear infection.  So yes I did see him pull at his ear, but Caitlin had also complained of her ear hurting.  I figured it was referred pain and gave them Ibuprofen or Tylenol. Poor guy knew his ear was hurting.

He did say the incision in his mouth and the stitches on his palate looked good and did not look infected.

So we sat and watched a little HGTV while the IV ran.  They gave him double the amount of fluids for his weight and then infused the antibiotics in his IV.  We went home with his IV still in so we can return if needed and not have to start a new IV.

When we left the hospital and the IV was in still he jibber jabbered and then looked at his hand.  I know he was thinking they have forgotten to take something off.  I told him we are leaving it one.  And he just grunted at him.  Too tired to argue but obviously not happy about the situation.

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