Friday, November 15, 2013

Bubba's surgery

Bubba had his tonsils and adenoids out too.  We purposefully made his the last surgery.  We were told because of how small he was, weight wise, he would have to be admitted into the hospital.  We were also told to expect for him to be re-admitted as well.  Fingers crossed he won't be re-admitted. 

Here he is before his surgery.  Dad is trying to make him more comfortable but you can tell it isn't working. 

They had to find the smallest gown and they only had the pink/purple ones and it was still huge on him.  Don't mind him he can't be bothered by looking at the camera because he is watching his "shows".

All three kids enjoyed the tvs that come right up to their faces.  No standing required.  Maybe Christian enjoyed it too.

Here are Bubba's giant tonsils.  His surgery took a lot longer than it was supposed to.  I was starting to get nervous.  Finally Dr. Porter came out and said that he is screaming mad and and doing well now but that we would definitely have to stay the night.  He gave the OR a pretty good scare.  He didn't want to wake up or breath on his own.  He didn't code or have to do CPR but they were nervous in there.  He didn't give me all the details but throughout the day I found that they did need to give him epinephrine, they had to do some treatments and some other things.  I know it was big enough that it was relayed to his nurses in pediatrics that it was a bit scary.  They had him in the PICU for a little bit before we could see him as well.  His airway is so small and this tonsils filled his throat and his adenoids were bigger than that.  It was a good move to have them removed.  We shouldn't have sleep apnea anymore.  And hopefully it will be easier for him to eat once he has healed.  He also received a little tear on his palate because his airway is so small so he has a few stitches.  I don't know that he has even noticed it. 

This is pretty close to how Bubba and I stayed the rest of the day.  Well actually it ended up more with him on top of me with his sweaty little body.  He got his bear from Dr. Porter and was his little buddy and he got a new pillow and blanky.  The Linus project is awesome.  Brenten has gotten them for his surgeries as well. The Epi made his BP and Heart rate so high so they had to watch that closely the rest of the day.  My poor little man.  

My poor little man finally let me get up.  It didn't last long and he got a car.  This one is his but they have a great play room on the peds floor.  Then they can bring toys back to their room.  

Last night was rough.  Dad came and stayed the night while Mom took the night shift with Cait and worked a few hours.  Dad got a minute or two of sleep with me thrashing about on top of him.  It was a lot of fun for both of us.  Then Dad went back to work and Mom came back in after working in the morning.  

He doesn't look it here but he was a grouchy beast.  We all, including the nurses, called him little hulk.  So much anger in one little body.  But the toothbrush made him happy for a few minutes.  His vitals were better and he had drank enough to make the Dr happy so we got to take this Baby Hulk home.  
Oh and they found a smaller boy gown.

Thanks to Grandmas and Grandpas and friends and to the Ped's floor all the help they gave us.  Everyone is seriously so awesome. 

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