Thursday, November 14, 2013

Caitlin's Surgery

On Monday Caitlin had her 2nd set of tubes and then her adenoids and tonsils removed.
She came in super happy.  She was ready to get her doll to color on.  And they gave her a new blanket and pillow. They are so awesome with kids. Unlike Maci, she loved talking to all the people who had to come in and talk to us before the procedure. 

Her giant tonsils.  Her adenoids were huge too but they are shaved off not cut.  No picture op.  When Dr. Porter asked if I wanted a picture, I thought it was so strange but then he informed me that almost everyone does it.  Lets face it, I am weird like this.  Of course I want a picture of the gross tonsils. 

Isn't she so cute.  She loved her teddy bear that Dr Porter gave her.  She was such a trooper.  She was so quiet after surgery she actually made the OR staff a little nervous but she was just fine.  Just a quiet little thing.  She never made a peep.  If they asked her where her pain was she would point on the chart and they would get her more medicine.  When the nurses would leave she would just ask, "Why won't they let me sleep?"

I can't wait for her follow up hearing test to see how much it has improved.  Her breathing while she is asleep is already so much quieter. It will be nice to not worry about sleep apnea any more. 

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