Friday, November 15, 2013

Movie Night

Christian has been working on the ceiling in our living room so movie night or pretty much any play in there had to be relocated.  It makes it hard because they can't really go to the kitchen or anything else. I can easily put in movies for the three older ones, but containing the twins well that is a whole other story.  I don't always have time or energy to just be gone for 3 + hours with them on Friday and Saturday nights.  Our middle ground has been going and getting dinner and making that last as long as possible or until my eyes are burning of exhaustion then we come home and all stay in my room and watch a movie.  I put the twins in the tub and that last until Maci attempts to drown Bubba or whacks him over and over with a cup and then they join the others in my bed.  I knew I got a king size bed for some reason.

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debra said...

Oh my goodness! Time for a break for you guys!